Dolores Catania Insists That She Never Talked To Danielle Staub About Teresa Giudice; Siggy Flicker Thinks Melissa Gorga Has An Attitude

Dolores Catania Insists That She Never Talked To Danielle Staub About Teresa Giudice; Siggy Flicker Thinks Melissa Gorga Has An Attitude

After a relatively drama-free first season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Catania is really earning her stripes during her second round and that’s all thanks to Danielle Staub coming at her. Danielle insists that Dolores told her that Teresa Giudice only cares about money.

Dolores called her a “scumbag” over and over again in an instantly iconic scene. Nevertheless, both the women are standing their ground to this day, so who is telling the truth? Dolores addressed this drama and the rest of RHONJ Season 8 during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

After Melissa Gorga criticized Teresa’s parenting and Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia echoed her sentiments, Andy Cohen polled the audience to ask, “Does Teresa need to be more strict with her girls?” Dolores admitted, “Teresa doesn’t like for us to say that.” Obviously. Then Dolores added, “Teresa was gone for a while, so to come home and really lay down the hammer is hard. I give her that.”

Then Andy got to the poll that is way more important- asking the audience if they believe Danielle or Dolores. Dolores won the poll with 78% of the voters on her side. It should also be noted that Danielle tweeted Andy to remind him “they voted in my favor when I was on lol.” Fair point.

Aside from her drama with Danielle, Dolores also brings a very interesting family dynamic to the show. She is BFF’s with her ex husband Frank Catania (who cheated on her) and he moved back into her house even though she has a boyfriend. Andy asked if the two men have met and Dolores confirmed that they have and she even shared, “He called Frank yesterday just to chat. They like each other.”

Dolores’s other BFF, Siggy Flicker was in the audience sitting right next to Frank, but she didn’t have the night off. Just when I thought we were going to have a cake-free WWHL episode on a Wednesday night, that’s not what happened. After a long (and slurry) rant, a caller asked Siggy to explain what was ruder: cakegate or putting Melissa on the spot at her party. Siggy answered, “My home vs. a restaurant. If you’re in a public restaurant and chuck a cake across the floor, if that’s not rude, then I’m going to go to the Gorga Pizzeria and chuck meatballs all over.” Please do that. Siggy really should have her next birthday party there and see how the food fight goes over.

Siggy’s time in the hot seat wasn’t done thought. Andy  asked, “Was it rude to call Melissa out at the party?” Siggy explained, “I called Melissa out because when I was explaining myself out to Melissa, she did this [rolled her eyes and stuck her head up] and she doesn’t want to apologize for anything. So when you come to somebody’s house and I greet you with ‘Hello. How are you? I love to see you’ and she’s like ‘Am I getting my apology?.’ You don’t come to my house with a tude. When you come to my house with a tude, I’m calling you out on your tude.” Has Melissa ever apologized for anything in the history of this show? Sure, that’s a loaded question, but I also genuinely can’t recall one time.

Now back to Dolores. She is the actual guest on the show, after all. A fan wanted to know, “Why are you choosing Siggy over Teresa? Haven’t you known Teresa longer? Where is the loyalty?” Dolores explained, “Here’s the thing: When Margaret [Josephs] came into the picture, I saw how she was putting this wedge against Siggy and everybody. It was like Mean Girl 101 in high school. I’ve seen it before, so I stood with Siggy because I agreed with her- number one. It’s not about who you’ve known longer. It’s about in a group, who’s right and wrong. That’s how I felt and that’s just the way it is.” Even so, Dolores chose Margaret when another fan wanted to know if she would rather be on a deserted island with Margaret or Danielle. It gets even crazier though. Andy revealed, “Next week you and Margaret have a moment that’s actually really nice.” Dolores confirmed, “We do.” Interesting. And I’m just over here begging  for more scenes with Marge Sr.

Another viewer wondered if Dolores thinks that Teresa will stand by Joe Giudice when he’s released from prison. Dolores said, “I do, but it’s a long time from now and we’ll see what happens.”

And of course: we got back to the main issue at hand “What was exactly said in the conversation with Danielle about Teresa?” Dolores asserted, “There was no conversation.” She later clarified,  “There was zero conversation regarding Teresa. I brought Frankie there. She offered for Frankie to speak with Marty and for a possible internship with his company. I left Frankie in the foyer, thanked them for having Frankie, and I walked out. I went back and Danielle was not there. I picked Frankie up and that was it. The next thing you know, the story came out of nowhere, but this is typical of Danielle. She’s done this before, so it’s par for the course.” WHERE WERE THE CAMERAS? This is very reminiscent of that iconic Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer argument about Camille’s plans to go to Hawaii without her husband which served as the driving force for Season 1 of RHOBH. We needed clarification then and we need it now. Why can’t the show be filming 24/7. Well, because of labor laws and common decency, but that’s not the point. We need a concrete conclusion here.

On a lighter note, Andy asked Dolores about the last time she saw her son Frankie since he started college and she looked super sad about it and then the clubhouse doorbell rang and Frankie showed up to surprise his mom. It was such a sweet moment. It was a little odd that Frankie was shirtless, but I definitely appreciated the visual- as did anyone with eyes.

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