Ramona Singer Gives Updates On The RHONY Cast’s Love Lives, Bobby Zarin’s Health, & Who Made The Cut For The Season 10 C

Aside from discussing her own dating life, Ramona Singer is never shy when she’s asked for her opinion. Since Real Housewives of New York is currently filming, she has some interesting things to share. Of course, she can’t actually reveal any major story line, but Ramona does have a lot to say about Luann de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill, and Tinsley Mortimer’s love lives.

Ramona also shared some sad updates on Jill Zarin’s husband Bobby Zarin’s health battles, her thoughts on Bethenny Frankel’s disaster relief efforts, and her daughter Avery Singer’s involvement in the upcoming RHONY season.

Ramona dished on these RHONY-related topics during an interview with The Morning Breath.

When asked about the possibility of new ladies joining the cast, Ramona said, “I don’t know. Right now, we’re staying all the same.”

She also said, “I think from what I understand, the consensus from the polls they’ve taken that everyone was very happy with the cast. The way it all culminated with the trip in Mexico just ended on a good page.” Agreed. That Mexico trip saved the season. Ramona said, “Bethenny picked the most gorgeous place in the world. It was spectacular: the service, the food, the atmosphere, everything was just beyond wonderful.” That spectacular service that Ramona notoriously did not tip or say “thank you” for.

Ramona seemingly confirmed those Tinsley breakup rumors when she said, “Relationships, let’s face it: they’re difficult at best. When they’re long distance, that’s really tough. I think that was the problem. She lives in New York. She’s starting to film. He’s based out of Chicago, so that’s tough.”

Speaking of dating, Ramona was asked if she was still dating the same person she mentioned at the reunion. True to form, Ramona revealed nothing and said, “I’m dating. Let’s just say I’m dating.” Will we get to see Ramona dating this season? Once again, Ramona was very coy and just said, “It depends on the dates that would like to be filmed.” So probably not. It is most likely that we will just hear Ramona bragging about her many dates without actually divulging any personal information.

Since Ramona’s dates will (most likely) not be filmed, the next thing people want to know about is if her sage daughter Avery will be a part of Season 10. Ramona said, “She’s working for a financial institution in wealth management and I’m very proud of her. She has turned out to be a wonderful young lady, inside and out.” So it sounds like she’s too busy to give out advice to her mom on camera. Ramona said, “It all depends on what she wants to do. She’s an adult.”

Maybe Avery’s advice about Ramona’s strain with Bethenny paid off because Ramona described their friendship by saying, “It’s good.” She also shared, “Yesterday I texted her about Cookie because I know Cookie’s been in her life the longest and the most constant thing in her life.”

Ramona discussed Bethenny’s charity work, “I’m really proud of everything she did to raise money for Houston and Puerto Rico.”

She explained, “Not to put down any other organizations, but it made me feel good that the money Bethenny was raising got to the people who needed it. One hundred percent did. This made me feel good because it was such a crisis, such an emergency, and you knew that every dollar was going to where it needed to go.”

Switching to the west coast for a second, Ramona described the current Orange County season by saying ,”It’s a little rough.” That’s putting it mildly. It is the worst season in years.

Back to the NYC ladies and the return of Single Lu. Ramona shared, “She’s doing well. She’s holding her own. She has her friends and her family to help her through all this.”

Another (sort of) single lady is Carole Radziwill. Ramona said, “Carole and Adam [Kenworthy] are not still together. They’re friends. I think they date each other more casually, but they’re not the way that they were. Do I support that relationship? I think they’re on different pages in life. Women can definitely date someone younger, but you have to be on the same page and have the same kind of lifestyle.”

Unfortunately the conversation moved to a sad topic: Bobby Zarin’s health. Ramona shared, “Bobby’s not well right now. He did have a great recovery for a few months and he was out and about and being social. Now he’s not good. He’s back in the hospital. I just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s not good.”

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