Danielle Staub Says She Wasn’t A Villain Her First 2 Seasons On RHONJ; Shades Kim D & Refers To Her As “An Extra”

If you think about it, the Real Housewives franchise is a lot like Survivor. Obviously, the Housewives are a lot more glamorous, but it is definitely difficult sticking around in the tribe on both shows.

Danielle Staub discussed Real Housewives of New Jersey in relation to this season of Survivor in a recent panel.

During the PeopleTV‘s Facebook live segment called Fan Forum: Survivor, Danielle was asked if it was “awkward fighting on camera.” The Housewife admitted, “I usually just take the fifth, sit back, and just keep repeating. I play the broken record. I learned that in psychology. ‘You did say it. You did say it. You did say it.'”

Obviously, Danielle was referencing her feud with Dolores Catania over their conversation when Dolores allegedly trashed Teresa Giudice with “You did say it.” Danielle knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to shining as a reality TV star.

Talking about the presence of cameras in her life, Danielle shared, “We’re not even aware of them anymore,” which is something that most seasoned reality stars say in interviews, but Danielle took things a step further and threw some major shade. She said, “The only time we’re aware of it is if there’s a new person, or an extra, i.e. their first initial is ‘K.’ The ‘extras’ when they get that red light special with that camera on them, they’re just gonna get their fifteen minutes. Well, we’ll give them thirty if they like it, but then you’re just still an extra, sweetheart.”

Someone with “K” as their first initial – who could that be? Of course it’s Kim DePaola aka the notorious Kim D. I would love to see these two face off. It would be an unbelievable match up.

Switching back to the Survivor talk, Danielle was asked about how she would fare on the show. She said, “I’ll cook. Just bring me the food.” When asked if she would actually play the game, she said “I would,” but quickly backtracked when she was told that they couldn’t bring makeup. Danielle insisted, “Oh no. My glam team has to come with me.”

A fan asked Danielle about being considered a “villain” during the first two seasons on the show. Danielle said, “I love that I’m called a villain, but I actually wasn’t. I was trying to run for my life constantly.” Danielle definitely stirred shit up (and I was living for it), but she was also very clearly ostracized during those first two years.

If the New Jersey cast was on Survivor, Danielle theorized, “I think the first off would have to be Siggy [Flicker]. It’s just like a rubber ball in a round room. Nothing is going to happen. It’s just all over the place.” At this point, Siggy would probably vote herself out so this probably doesn’t offend her.

Danielle added, “For the winner, I have to go with my girl Margaret Josephs. She can outwit anyone and she’s very strategical.”

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