Siggy Flicker Discusses What Wasn’t Shown On RHONJ, Jacqueline Laurita Leaving The Show, & Why Teresa Giudice Is The Number One Housewife In History

There’s no doubt that Real Housewives of New Jersey has centered around Teresa Giudice and her family for most of its run. While the Giudices bring the most compelling moments to Season 8, this season’s arguing is focused on Siggy Flicker. Almost every conversation leads back to Siggy and she hasn’t been showed in the most favorable light.

Siggy opened up about what wasn’t shown that led to her explosive reactions, Jacqueline Laurita leaving the show, and what makes Teresa such a great Housewife.

Siggy had a lot to say during her interview on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast. And of course there were some mentions of Siggy’s reality TV rival Margaret Josephs. She even gave Margaret a compliment when she said, “I think Margaret is a fabulous Housewife.” And then she began to share her side of the story, “I don’t have a problem with her being a Housewife. What I have a problem with is that you don’t know me. You coming right out of the gate taking jabs at me.”

Siggy continued, “I didn’t  really know the extent of what she does. Now that she’s been taking jabs at my expertise, I don’t have have one lawsuit. This woman is engulfed in lawsuits because she copies other people’s ideas and claims them as her own.”

Watching the show, it just seems like Siggy is going off on Margaret for no discernible reasons, but she insists that’s not the case. She said, “Margaret comes over to me and all of a sudden you see my shimmying. All the middle parts- this is what I’m pissed off about this season- there’s a story board: ‘This season we are going to portray Siggy as crazy. We’re just going to show her reacting, but we’re not going to show what she’s reacting to.'”

She explained what went down during the Gorga tasting, “When we were sitting down, Joe Gorga came down and asked us what happened in Boca. Dolores [Catania] and I were describing it. Margaret and Danielle [Staub] walked over and what you didn’t see was back and forth.”

Siggy recapped the conversation that wasn’t shown: “‘You’re not going to cry again because you have no uterus.’ Yeah really? Because you’re the ugliest woman in the world for making fun of me. Oh really? Some relationship expert you are. Oh really? Cheap shit that you steal from other people made in China. Oh really? Just like your implants. Bitch, I don’t have implants. I had them removed after my hysterectomy. ‘There are things that happened that have been taken out that I’m letting you know right now.”

That back and forth makes a lot more sense than randomly referring to someone as the “ugliest person in the world for making fun of me” and bringing up goods manufactured in China.

Siggy maintained, “At the end of the day, I’m going to fight because I want the truth to come out. I’ve never attacked anybody in my life. Ever.” Then she went in on Margaret: “For twenty five years I’ve done nothing but helping people and building people up. Google her name and see how many lawsuits and how many people have come after her. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t be talking about this if I wasn’t on the defense.”

She continued, “It is unfair what has been done to me. There’s a thing called karma. There’s a thing called God. I believe in God and I believe in karma. When karma comes knocking on certain doors, I’m going to be happy.” Ouch.

Moving away from the Margaret topic, Siggy discussed her infamous arrival at that Boca restaurant. It seemed like she was just looking for attention from random restaurant patrons, but she revealed that she actually invited a lot of people to that restaurant and they had been there for a while before the cast rolled in. She said, “[They] waited three hours to see the Housewives of New Jersey.”

Siggy added, “I wanted to say hi to my friends.” And she did: loudly. She definitely made a moment. She was talked about a lot and provided some prime content for memes and GIF’s. Even with so many people hating on her and making fun of her arrival, she says, “They didn’t do me a disservice. I’ll survive.” It could be worse.

This season, Siggy is experiencing the strongest reaction on social media. Last season, Jacqueline absorbed most of the backlash from the fandom. Heather asked Siggy, “Was it hard when Jacqueline didn’t return?” She admitted, “Yes. I can say this without anyone taking it the wrong way. Jacqueline Laurita not being on the show is amazing for Jacqueline Laurita. This show is not easy. She’s the happiest she’s ever been. She’s with her husband, her children, and her grandchild. She’s such a different person because it’s so stressful.”

Siggy made it clear that she’s looking forward to the end of this season when she said, “December 20 couldn’t come fast enough, especially when you’re the target.” She added, “Everyone who knows Jacqueline knows she’s the sweetest person in the world.”

Even though Siggy is good friends with Jacqueline, she’s also close with Jacqueline’s friend-turned-enemy Teresa. Siggy had nothing but praise for the star of the show, saying, “There’s a reason why Teresa Giudice is the number one Housewife in history. They waited for her to come home from jail to film Real Housewives of New Jersey because that’s how magical of a Housewife she is. That’s how I feel.”

They even filmed that three-episode special where Teresa only appeared via speaker phone. This woman was able to carry a show via speaker phone, so of course she’s a noteworthy Housewife.

Circling back to the drama, Siggy explained why she’s been so active on Twitter and Instagram this season: “I have a right to defend who I am and my character, especially when there’s a false narrative. On December 20, you will no longer see me on social media. Until the war is over, I’m going to fight every single day.”

Siggy said, “Why shouldn’t I use social media to explain myself? If you were on Housewives, would you leave your character, your life, to the hands of an editing department?”

She admitted, “All I wish is that you would see the stuff that has not been put in. Somebody takes a jab at my relationship expertise and my career and I know their career has lots of holes in it, and you don’t think I’m going to respond. So when I respond about your cheap stuff being made in China and everything like that, people are like ‘how did you get from zero to one hundred?'”

On another note, those hormone pellets must have done their job since Siggy admitted, “For the last seven months, I haven’t had a single hot flash. My sex drive is back. I’m not crying as much. I’m back to being Siggy.”

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