Kelly Dodd Shares Behind The Scenes Details On Giving Vicki Gunvalson Adderall In Iceland, The Confrontation With Shannon Beador At The Quiet Woman, & Former RHOBH Star Taylor Armstrong Moving Next To Vicki

Anyone who watches Real Housewives of Orange County knows that Kelly Dodd does not hold back when she has a drink or two in her. Hell, she doesn’t hold back when she’s dead sober. This season Kelly managed to be to strike that perfect balance of being a “tell it like it is” person and someone who is likable and enjoyable to watch.

Now that the worst season in RHOC history is over and the reunion episodes have aired, Kelly is spilling all of the details on what really went down behind the scenes. She gets into why she didn’t go with Vicki Gunvalson to the Iceland hospital, why production had no idea Kelly was going to be at The Quiet Woman the night Shannon Beador threw a full plate of food at her, and which cast members need to get the boot next season.

Kelly talked all about Season 12 of RHOC in an interview for the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast. Kelly revealed that she’s back on the dating scene (which will be amazing to watch next season) when she said, “I went on one date and a guy had on True Religion jeans on and I was like ‘What the f***!?'” Apparently that’s not going to work out since Kelly said, “I thought he was cute. I had beer goggles, obviously.”

Moving on to the show, Kelly had a confusing take on costar Lydia McLaughlin. She said, “No one likes Lydia, but I have to say she’s probably the best.” So does that mean she does like Lydia or she doesn’t like Lydia? Kelly added, “She’s just genuinely like a nice, good person. She really is.” But is Kelly one of those (many) people that dislike Lydia?

One person that Kelly is definitely a fan of is Lydia’s mother Judy. Kelly said, “She’s awesome. She just gets high all the time.” Heather McDonald asked, “Does she smoke weed at these parties?” Kelly shared, “She rolls up her own joints. It’s great.” Then Kelly shared the best idea: “I want Judy on. That’s the jam right there.” That would be a way more interesting casting move than having Lydia on as a Housewife.

Kelly described the cast vacation in Iceland by saying, “That was the worst f****ng trip of my life.” It wasn’t the best look for Kelly and the rest of the ladies to order a big dinner while Vicki was in a hospital, but she actually has an interesting explanation for her lack of concern.

Kelly confessed, “This is behind closed doors, but I do have ADD.” Truthfully, no one is shocked by that admission. Anyway, Kelly continued, “Vicki and I didn’t sleep for days and those bitches slept. These bitches get paid a lot of money and they went to sleep. We went out and they went to sleep, so I said, ‘Here, have an Adderall.’ So I give Vicki an Adderall and she goes ‘I’m having a heart attack.’ I go, ‘No you’re not, bitch. You’re just having an anxiety attack.’ It’s waking you up, bitch, right? Then I go, ‘I have a Xanax,’ so I knew she was fine.” She also admitted, “I was hungry.” Kelly giving Vicki and Adderall and a Xanax would be way more interesting than what we were subjected to watching. That definitely would have made for way better TV.

Kelly backtracked to her infamous confrontation with Shannon at the Quiet Woman. Kelly admitted, “I was shit faced. I was on a boat with free drinks. If it’s free, it’s for me.” I completely understand, Kelly.  A lot of people thought that the whole thing was staged, but Kelly explains what really went down. She recalled, “I had to go pee so bad and they’re like -what are you doing here?- the production- because everyone thinks it was like fake. It was not set up.”

Kelly continued, “Let me explain because no one knows this. My girlfriend’s sister is from Philadelphia and she’s like ‘I’m a really huge fan of the show’ and I was like ‘Those bitches are filming at The Quiet Woman right now.’ And she goes, ‘Oh my god. Can we see?’ And I look like shit. I didn’t have any makeup on and my hair was fucked up.” Kelly added, “And she’s like ‘please.'” As we all know, Kelly did end up showing up at the restaurant. Kelly explained her conversation with production that night: “‘I have to pee now’ and they’re like ‘We need to mic you.’ And I’m like ‘No. Fuck that. I’m going to pee right now.’ That’s when I ran into Shannon and I wasn’t even mic’ed, so it wasn’t fake at all.

And it was the most exciting confrontation of the season BY FAR. Thank god for Kelly’s friend’s sister for getting Kelly to show up at The Quiet Woman. That person deserves an Edible Arrangement and/or a “thank you”card from the production company for making that night happen.

One of the fans sent in a question asking “Who from all the franchises needs to go?” Without hesitation, Kelly said, “Peggy [Sulahian] and Meghan [Edmonds], the boring ass bitch that she is.” She also discussed the candle party that Meghan had during the season finale saying, “It wasn’t even her candle party. It is her friend that owns it. Stupid, fake bitch.” A Real Housewife hosting a party for a business that isn’t even her business- you don’t say!? We’ve never seen anything like that before on these shows…

The podcast took a totally random turn when Heather mentioned that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Taylor Armstrong lives right next door to Vicki in Coto. Kelly said, “Her husband is the nicest guy, I’m like how are you putting up with it? She must be doing anal.” Maybe Taylor will join the RHOC cast next season? Vicki could definitely use a friend on this show.

A fan wanted to know why Vicki left for the hospital with a robe covering her face. Kelly revealed, “The producers told her she looked like shit. I swear to god.” Heather asked, “The producer put the robe over her head?” Kelly confirmed, “Stephanie put the robe over her head because she looked like shit.” Damn. Vicki was having a fake heart attack and she was getting insulted for her appearance- definitely not her best night. Kelly admitted, “I wish they showed the bloopers of what goes down because that’s even more funny. I think it’s way more hilarious than the show.” I bet it is, especially this season.

Another fan brought up Taylor again asking if Kelly thought she would be on the show next season. Kelly responded in the most Kelly way possible, by saying, “Fuck no.” She even said, “Heather Dubrow would be more in the mix. I think Heather Dubrow might come back. I see her every morning at orange theory. Bitch, don’t you have a 10,000 square foot gym with a private trainer? What are you doing at the orange theory?”

After her rant about seeing Heather at orange theory and her attempts to avoid Heather by switching up the times she attends class, Kelly insisted, “I like Heather Dubrow. I think she’s cool. I think she’s very kind.

And then Kelly revealed a very interesting piece of information. She actually interviewed to be on the show long before she ended up being a cast member and she said, “They picked Lydia over me when she was on there first.” So you’re telling me we could have been blessed with years of Kelly Dodd and instead we ended up with Lydia for two seasons (and possibly a third)? That just doesn’t seem right. AT ALL.

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