Kelly Dodd

This season, Kelly Dodd joined the ranks of Bravo’s unsurprising divorces. Kelly filed for divorce from Michael Dodd, her husband of 11 years, two months ago after viewers witnessed them fighting and trash talking each other for two seasons on Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Not even some sage advice about marriage and intimacy from Vicki Gunvalson could put MiKelly back together again! Imagine that… (sarcasm). What’s unique about Kelly’s situation, however, is that this is actually the second time she’s filed for divorce from Michael – and this time she hopes to see it through to the finish line. Kelly shares that they’re already working out a custody agreement for Jolie, 12.

On the first installment of the reunion, which airs tonight, Kelly is questioned about her separation and admits that it was challenging watching her marriage fall apart on television. Gee – just think how Jolie feels!

Kelly reveals that the “breaking point” came after filming for season 12 ended over Michael’s constant need to control her. He can’t handle having a famous wife, y’all! (Sarcasm). “We started fighting all the time. Both of us. One minute he’s good, one minute he’s not,” she explained to Andy Cohen. “I can’t bring friends over, he gets jealous. He just wants me to himself.”

“It’s sad,” Kelly reflected. “We have a kid together, a child together. It’s hard to see it go.” Almost as hilarious as Vicki offering marital advice, Tamra Judge will also provide some – ironically about how children are affected by divorce. I suppose Tamra should know since she does divorce almost as well as she does marriage (again – sarcasm).

Other than Kelly discussing her divorce, Shannon Beador will also open up about her separation from David. Lydia McLaughin finds herself questioned about her snarky comments and meddling intentions – and finds that Meghan Edmonds is her biggest critic. Vicki will also discuss her relationship with Steve and how all the drama with Brooks has affected their relationship.

You can discuss the reunion below in the live-thread, and make sure to catch our recap tomorrow morning.


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