Siggy Flicker Rails Against Margaret Josephs For Hitler Comment On Last Week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey

Based on Siggy Flicker‘s weekend tweet-a-thon about her great hatred for Margaret Josephs, I’m guessing things got pretty intense at the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion (did they film it earlier than usual or is the season really almost over?!). And not a pot puss orgasm good kind of intense (disclosure: I have never experienced this personally, I’m taking Margaret’s word for it!).

On last week’s episode, when everyone was arguing about the horrors of Kim D – who admittedly IS horrid (but really fabulously desperately amazing television if you’re into that sort of thing), unfortunately Margaret compared Kim D to Hitler when she said, “Siggy – Hitler woulda not killed me. Does that make him a good person?”

Margaret was trying to make the point that just because Kim D has always been a nice person to Siggy and Dolores Catania, doesn’t mean she’s a nice person – especially considering her record of mistreating Teresa and Melissa. Didn’t they also use Kim D to do their dirty work when it was convenient?! I understand what Margaret was implying, but considering Siggy is the daughter of Holocaust survivors and her father is a Holocaust activist, it’s just a tad insensitive and inappropriate. OK, actually it’s like whole heaps and bunches of NJ leopard-print offensive.

Margaret explained, “Even bad people are always good to someone. Stalin was really good to his mother while he murdered millions. Truth may hurt, but some perspective never hurt anyone.” And, “When you stand with evil, you’re just as evil. #complicit They’ll storm out on us, but they won’t walk out on Kim D. Their loyalty is stronger with that side of the fence than with this one. It speaks VOLUMES. ”

Look – everyone knows Margaret wasn’t trying to be hurtful, it was just insensitive. Unfortunately, Siggy took it personally. Way, WAY personally – I mean we’re talking about a person who takes cake personally.

Siggy also explained herself: she and Dolores were just trying to be good people by supporting the Hitler of NJ Kim D and decided to remain involved in the Posche Fashion Show for charity to raise money for Kim’s son’s deceased friends, and because people were paying to see them appear as “celebrity guests.”.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!  But also because the PFS is a RHONJ institution and WE, the cable subscribers, are paying to see this mess, so someone has to walk in it!

Apparently, many Siggophiles had paid good money to watch her strut the infamous runways of Poschelandia, so she hoped Teresa and Melissa, given their own complicated Kim D history, could understand their motives. Instead, Margaret mocked and attacked her entire life, for which Siggy can NEVER EVER forgive nor forget. I hope you’re sitting on your butt pellets cause you’re gonna need some tranquilizers to read all this. #TheThingsIDoForYouWonderfulPeople #MerryChristmasHappyHanukkah

Siggy on Margaret

Pigtails & Pot Puss FRIED her brain! How in the world is it ok to mock my hubby, my medical problem, my career, my name, my son & then let HITLER roll off her tongue in a remark directed at the only Jewish girl at the dinner table discussing a charity event! I’M DONE!,” Siggy seethed in a pinned tweet attached to a video mashup of all Margaret’s insults against her. Someone is doing her homework!

“How twisted do you have to be to go from discussing a Charity Event to referencing Hitler to the only Jewish girl whose father is a Holocaust survivor! #RHONJ whos!” railed Siggy in another tweet. “I’m still livid and disgusted and I will never get over it. Ever. Her delivery sucks & [sic] her vibe is negative!”

According to Siggy, Margaret is heavily edited and is actually much worse in real life. “They try so hard to clean her up. Nothing can clean #potpuss #hitlercomment or her #lawsuits,” she complained. “Her character is flawed & she advertised it on national tv & came after me who only welcomed her in with open arms. She is a disgrace #RHONJ #TRUTH” Siggy added that Melissa is “too busy kissing [Margaret’s] ass and trash talking me in every single scene” to defend her as a friend. Really? And I mean, I hate to defend ME-lissa, but really?

“For 25 years I have only helped thousands of people. This past year has been tough for me being attacked in the swamp but I survived. I stood up for what I am passionate about & never backed down. Thank you to all for the <3 & having my back! #RHONJ #proud,” gushed Siggy to her fans.

Siggy & Michael Campanella

The Hitler comment was a major focus at the reunion, per Siggy, and and apparently Andy Cohen (who is also Jewish) was pretty upset. “OHHHHH! I can’t wait for you to see the reunion and the reaction!” Siggy gushed. “Wish it aired tonight! What an awesome reunion!”

Marge and Danielle held their own. Everyone had their say at reunion,” Siggy clarified. “Like I said, in the end it will be edited, which sucks. I want the whole truth & nothing but the truth – not edited & then I would be happy.” She noted that she’s “proud” of herself for the way things went down. Siggy – proud of herself?! No. She’s so humble! (eye roll)

In other tweets, Siggy denigrated Margaret’s business, The Macbeth Collection, referring to it as the “Mcswiped Collection” and ranting, “Powerhouse in pot puss is up to her neck in debt & lawsuits because stealing other people’s ideas & claiming them as your own is an everyday thing for her just like HITLER rolls off her tongue so effortlessly when looking at the only Jew!”

Then, Siggy retweeted a comment, which claimed, Margaet “got sued for copyright infringement by Vineyard Vines and lost, now she has filed bankruptcy. Can’t wait till Lily Pulitzer catches up with her and sues her as well.”

Margaret Josephs calls Siggy

In response to the barrage of negative tweets coming her way, Margaret fought back with a few of her own. “Unfortunately, she is mentally unwell,” she said of Siggy. “Nothing else seems to truly matter to her but me. It’s sad. I don’t thrive on hate or obsess on negativity. Life is too good and too short; and no one is worth that much time and attention.”

Margaret also retweeted someone who claimed they had Googled Siggy’s matchmaking service and found it had a terrible rating with the Better Business Bureau. Oy vey.


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