Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion Seating Chart Revealed; Kim D Showing Up For Her First Reunion

The seating arrangement at Real Housewives reunion shows is a pretty big deal. Of course, host Andy Cohen is in the middle, but the couch the women get assigned to sit on say a lot. Usually it shows who’s on which side and the women with the most to say sit on either side of Andy.

The women next to Andy are usually cast members with the seniority or just the women who have most drama of the season. With that said, looking at the seating chart for the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, does not make sense for a lot of reasons.

Bravo decided to reveal who is sitting where in the most dramatic (and unnecessary) way possible: with a video showing each seating assignment one by one. Who asked for this? Absolutely no one. Don’t worry. I watched that video so you don’t have to.

One mainstay that hasn’t changed: Andy is right in the middle. On the couch to Andy’s right, Margaret Josephs is in the far seat and Teresa Giudice is in the seat closest to Andy. On the couch to Andy’s left, Dolores Catania is in the farthest spot, next to her is Siggy Flicker, and in the seat closest to Andy is Melissa Gorga. There is so much about this that is wrong.

First of all- where is Danielle Staub? Yes, I know that Danielle is a “Friend of the Housewives” this year, but she was in every single episode and present for every group event. Why doesn’t she have an assigned seat? Obviously, she will end up sitting in the seat next to Margaret whenever she’s on stage, but she deserves to be out there for the entire show.

One thing that makes total sense is Teresa sitting right next to Andy. Teresa is Real Housewives of New Jersey. Real Housewives of New Jersey is Teresa. This show would be nothing without her and she has more than earned that coveted seat over the years.

Last season, Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa got their own couch, but Melissa is on the opposite couch this year, which makes no sense. They were on the same side in every conflict all season, so Melissa getting the seat on Andy’s left side had to be more about seniority within the cast than the lines drawn within the cast.

In reality this season was a series of face offs between Margaret and Siggy. Those two really earned the seats next to Andy, but maybe he just didn’t want them screaming in his ear when they argue about the word “Soggy” and all their other issues. Nevertheless, it would be disrespectful if Teresa didn’t get that first chair and it’s likely that Melissa was craving the same symbol of seniority since she will never get it if she’s on the same couch as Teresa.

That couch should be Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle to go along with the narrative of everyone vs. Siggy and Dolores that has been pushed down our throats this season. Now that Teresa is at a point where every single person is kissing her ass she is friends with everyone in the show, it would make sense for her to sit anywhere. So it would also be logical if it was Teresa, Siggy, and Dolores on one couch with Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle on the other. Unfortunately no one consulted me before filming this reunion.

Another person who wasn’t mentioned in the seating chart is Kim DePaola. Yes, Kim D is actually invited to a reunion taping. On Instagram, Kim posted, “Guess who is coming to dinner lol!!!!!!!! #reuion #rhonj #bravo” This makes a lot of sense. Kim D stirs up the best shit, and she always gets the best reactions out of Teresa. I am here for this.

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[Photo Credit: Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo]

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