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Bethenny Frankel Defends Luann de Lesseps After Arrest; Says Luann Is In A “Good Place”

Well if there’s any relationship that has come full circle it’s Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps. Bethenny blew up Luann’s life by outing Tom D’Agostino as a cheater, but in the wake of Luann’s drunken and disorderly arrest Bethenny is supporting her fellow Real Housewives Of New York star.

“We all have high points, low points, times we feel confident, times we feel less confident and so… ” Bethenny said in defense of Luann, who she’s “been texting” while Luann is in rehab. I’d say a failed hook-up in the wrong hotel room resulting in a mugshot is definitely a low point… 

Bethenny reports that Luann is “taking care of herself. She said she’s in a good place, so you know like I said, we all have our flaws. Luann’s no different.”

The Real Housewives Of New York stars all came together for the launch of Bethenny’s new jean collection, and actually admitted to missing Luann. Even Bethenny, who admitted, “I’m sorry she’s not here.”

Bethenny emphasized that she has no plans to mock Luann’s situation or disclose further details either. Stating, “I don’t talk about anybody else’s stuff. I appreciate my privacy.”

Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, and Sonja Morgan have also all been in contact with Luann, who announced her decision to check into treatment following a “Not Guilty” plea. According to reports the planned cast trip has been postponed while Luann seeks help and deals with her legal issues, but the cast may need to travel without Luann depending on how her court situation shakes out.

As for now the ladies reveal that Luann is focusing on her family and health, not on Housewives drama. “She’s doing the right thing,” Ramona emphasized to E! News. “She is taking care of herself for her children and for her family. Listen, it can happen to anyone. It happens to a lot of people just most people don’t get caught.”

Always focusing on the positive, Dorinda believes this is an opportunity for Luann to reevaluate her life after an “aha moment.” Maybe Dorinda should become an addictions counselor? “You know what they say, when something stops, something new begins. Every ending is a beginning. Luann’s a strong girl and I love her, I support her and I look forward to what’s going to happen going forward.”

“The great thing is it is a great opportunity to look backwards in four to five years and say, ‘Thank God that happened. Look who I am today if it was not for that,'” Dorinda adds.

Well best of luck to Lu in getting the help she needs. And ol’ girl needs it!

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