Kandi Burruss isn't ready for Porsha Williams' Apology

Kandi Burruss Calls Out Block Spencer For Not Participating As A Parent To Their Daughter Riley

It’s great that the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members are so open with their lives. They have shared some very relatable struggles over the years, but did the show go too far when the cameras captured Kandi Burruss’s daughter Riley Burruss getting so upset when her absentee father Block Spencer tried to talk with her? He was gone for most of her life and here he is talking about how excited he is about the birth of his new son.

That had to be very difficult for a fifteen-year-old girl to handle, let alone in front of the cameras and all of the critics on social media.

Kandi opened up about her daughter’s discomfort in a Bravo blog post. She explained, “She’s sensitive when it comes to the situation with her dad. She tried to put up a strong front when the cameras are around, but as soon as she got out of their view, the tears began to fall.” Then maybe they shouldn’t have filmed that? I get that Kandi is trying to show her “real life” on the show, but Riley isn’t a cast member. That was just so tough to watch. It was clear that Riley was truly struggling.

When Kandi kept it real when she was asked, “Has it been difficult co-parenting with Block?” Even though Kandi was trying to be cool with her ex during the last episode, she was brutally honest in her blog. She admitted, “We haven’t really co-parented because he’s never been involved. I stopped expecting anything from him a long time ago. It’s not difficult when you get to make all the decisions because the other parent doesn’t participate.” Mic drop.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]