Kandi Burruss

Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers are seeing a lot of Kandi Burruss‘s personal drama this season. Poor Kandi – her mom and her husband are finally getting along and now she has baby daddy drama to deal with. A lot of the time, it seems like reality TV plot lines are contrived and manipulated, but you can tell Kandi is genuinely torn up about her daughter’s biological father Block Spencer coming back on the scene.

I find it shady as hell that this man who is supposedly successful in the music industry wants to be in his daughter’s life all of a sudden – in front of reality TV cameras. He couldn’t try to contact her in-between seasons? It seems extremely opportunistic and I can’t help feeling sad for Kandi’s daughter Riley Burruss. And on top of that the always outspoken Mama Joyce has had no issue sharing her opinions with Kandi, so it’s clearly going to be a drama-filled season for Kandi.


Kandi opened up to Bravo in an interview about what went down on the last episode. Mama Joyce told Kandi that people take her for granted because she’s “sweet.” Ugh. Poor Kandi. Everyone wants a piece of her fortune. What does Kandi think about her mom thinking people take advantage of her? She admitted, “Well, there have definitely been a lot of situations that I’ve let slide because I didn’t want to deal with drama. My mom doesn’t like to let anything slide, so it bothers her when I do that. Especially when it comes to money.”

It’s clear that money isn’t a top priority to Kandi when it comes to her beef with her baby daddy Block. Kandi didn’t seem to care at all about the lack of child support payments when Mama Joyce brought that up. Instead, Kandi cares more about Riley having a genuine relationship with her dad, which is very sad, but also refreshing since it’s not all about the Benjamins.

In the interview, Kandi was asked about why she was so upset talking to her ex on the phone. The scene was pretty tough to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kandi be that emotional on the show. Kandi explained, “When he said he wasn’t going to chase Riley to talk to her, he pissed me off. Block has gone Riley’s whole life not being there as a father. Now he wants to come out of the blue to ‘co-parent’ and he just expects her to welcome him with open arms?” Not to mention that he is some sort of music producer who is dating an artist, so it seems like he and his lady are trying to capitalize on Kandi’s reality show. It is a bad look all around.

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Kandi wasn’t done though. The normally nice Kandi added, “He is arrogant.” Well, yeah clearly. Anyone who wants to play hard to get with his own daughter is a total douchebag and a half.

Even though Block seems like a total piece of shit, Kandi still wants things to be good with him and Riley, but she knows it’s going to take a lot of work. “If he truly wanted a relationship with Riley, then he needs to make her feel like he really wants to be there. Even if he calls her 100 times and she doesn’t call him back, he needs to keep trying. Years of neglect take more than a couple of phone calls to get over.”

Kandi is usually calm, cool, and collected. I have no idea how she managed to be tight lipped about this situation for so long. About getting upset with her ex, Kandi said, “I try my hardest not to argue and curse him out, because I never want him to be able to use me as an excuse later to tell Riley he wasn’t there because I did something to stop their relationship. So I hate when I lose my cool with him, even though he makes it hard not to.”

Damn. Props to Kandi for being a class act in an extremely difficult situation. Hopefully Riley gets what she deserves in a father. It is sad and trashy Block brought all of this drama to the show though.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]