Siggy Flicker Explains How She Prevented Sexual Harassment From Harvey Weinstein; Shares New Thoughts On Margaret Josephs Being “Coerced”

Now-former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker was a guest of Kevin Undergaro on The Tomorrow Show this week and she let her opinions fly free. Siggy shared her thoughts on a number of topics ranging from her experiences working with Harvey Weinstein to her relationship with Margaret Josephs, exiting the show after two seasons and so much more! She also reveals that she will NOT be watching RHONJ next season and also doesn’t believe the friendship between Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub is genuine.

Siggy shared that doing reality TV is hard work and that it wasn’t her choice to drag out the stupid cake story for so long. She is convinced that there wouldn’t have been any material for season 8 if it wasn’t for her.

“I’ve watched the whole season and I was shocked and I was upset. It takes a toll on you.” Reality TV is not really reality TV. It is a lot of work and you constantly have to bring up the same thing over and over and over. Do you think I want to talk about cake and a I make up a storyline: ‘let’s talk about cake for five episodes’ – I was over the cake after it happened.” She adds, “What you see is what you get with me. If there wasn’t a cake, and there wasn’t the Soggy-Siggy, there would be no season 8. The whole season was Soggy, Siggy, cake, Hitler–everything that I didn’t want stretched out to 13 episodes. I don’t know what it was, but the whole season, I was the target all season.” She does give credit to the other cast members, though, saying everyone “brought it” this season.

She also admits “I really didn’t know her!” when talking about her friendship with Margaret Josephs pre-show. She says “I knew her through a friend of mine.” This part of the interview is at the 44 minute mark, take a listen to her explain how she rolled out the red carpet for Margaret.

Siggy believes if Margaret had spoken about the KKK instead of Hitler, it would have made headlines. “Let me ask you a question…And I know I’m gonna get, people are gonna spin this. Housewives of Atlanta: if a white girl’s saying to somebody on Housewives of Atlanta ‘You know, what the KKK wouldn’t have killed me, does that make them a good group of people?’ Oh, trust me, it would have made headlines! But because it’s Hitler and the Jews…people are like ‘oh my god you called somebody an antisemite!?’… people are offended by that!?  Why was Hitler on her brain while looking at the only Jewish girl? And I’m not backing down from this subject. Not backing down from how I feel. Hitler’s name should never be trivialized.”

The real reason Siggy thinks she was targeted this season, “For season 7 I was a fan favorite. Season 7, was such a.. it was just me wanting to have fun and bringing my friends together, and crying, and being me and coming on with a facelift and it was more what I am every single day. Season 8 they said ‘let’s take her off her high horse, and let’s give it to her’ and they gave it to me. Now, I don’t mind that they gave it to me, but I really do feel like they went overboard.”

She also says some of the cast members are cool with being the dancing monkeys because they need the paycheck and the platform, but she wasn’t signing up for that.

When asked if Danielle and Teresa‘s relationship is not genuine and is more for TV, Siggy responded: “I would have to agree with that. Go on Teresa’s Instagram. Go on Danielle’s Instagram. I mean, I don’t know; if, if someone’s your friend, you hang out with them from time to time, right? I don’t, I don’t know because I don’t, you know, check what they’re doing and stuff like that, but I know that, authentic friendships on this show are, you know, Teresa and Dolores see each other, um, me and Dolores are constantly together, Margaret and Danielle have an authentic friendship; they’re together a lot. Melissa is friends with Teresa. That’s an authentic, people don’t want to believe, but it is authentic and they’re sister-in-laws that used to not get along that are getting along now.”

Siggy believes Margaret was “coerced” into acting the way she did, “I have to say something in defense of Margaret, and I don’t think it was all Margaret. I just think that she was coerced a little bit – my personal opinion. I think that when you’re new to the show, because I’ve been there, and people will ask you questions, ‘well don’t you think that’ and you know, your mind gets rolling, and there’s a lot of pressure to make a good show. I can’t imagine that somebody who doesn’t really know me that well, you’ve never saw the inside of my kitchen, it’s not like we vacation together, you don’t know my husband, we never really got a chance to really get to know each other, right off the bat, you come out with one after one.”

Siggy explains why she won’t be watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey next year, “I will not watch next year. Sometimes I say to myself, ‘why do I have to be so honest?’ No, I won’t watch next year because of everything I went through this year.”

Siggy says that she only keeps in touch with Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania and that’s it.

When asked why business associate Harvey Weinstein didn’t try anything with her: “I am a Sabra. I am a very strong person, but I make a conscious effort when I’m around a man to talk about my husband a lot. I do it. I do it because I want to send a message out that um, sometimes I’ll see a man looking at me in a certain way and he’ll say ‘I think you’re pretty’ or “I love your smile’, and I’ll be like, ‘oh my God that’s my husbands favorite thing is my beauty mark or my smile’. I have a way of always taking it back to Michael Campanella, it’s just, I don’t ever want to put myself in that situation so I’m very aware of my surroundings. Trust me, I’m aware of everything that’s happening around me, so if I’m feeling something, it’s legit. I’m feeling it, but you have to be very very careful not to give the, ya know, the wrong, ya know, sign to somebody that you are interested, or, you know.”

Edited to add that Siggy shares in the interview that Harvey never made any advances on her and was nothing but nice to her.

The interview starts around the 32 minute mark and is worth a listen. Siggy discusses her great relationship with her ex-husband, she dishes on celebrity relationships and gives her two cents on the Kardashians, why Sammi Sweetheart is skipping the Jersey Shore reunion and much more.


Photo Credit: The Tomorrow Show