Cynthia Bailey is sad about Will

Cynthia Bailey’s post-divorce love life is just about the only storyline she’s got going these days. So it’s clear that The Real Housewives Of Atlanta would want to spice things up when it comes to Cynthia’s excessively boring non-exclusive dating paramour, Will.

Even though Will seems like a flash in the pan, that flash burned a bit brighter when newcomer Eva Marcille spilled the tea about him having a girlfriend during the time he was dating Cynthia. Despite Eva’s eye witness account, Cynthia isn’t buying it. She’s standing by her temporary man, come what may!

Before Eva’s revelation, Cynthia says she and Will agreed to keep their relationship casual – so what does it matter who else they’re dating? She tells Bravo, “I felt like he was being very open, honest, and transparent, and I respect that in a man. I’m really enjoying his company and getting to know him. I’m still newly divorced, so I want to take my time.”

Taking her time means seeing other people socially – like her ex-husband Peter Thomas at parties, for example! When Cynthia spotted Peter and Kandi Burruss’s Essence cover unveiling, she claims, “I was shocked…because I didn’t know he was going to be there. I never actually got to really see him (or speak to him), which felt kind of weird. I love the friendship we share now, so I never want to be in the same place with him and not be cordial. We have both moved on, and I never want it to be awkward between us.”

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The night only became more awkward when Will found himself embroiled in Eva’s rumors. (Hey – he’s the new Peter! Good job grabbing that screen time, newbie!) While Cynthia may be okay with an “open” relationship, she draws the line at dating a dude who has an actual girlfriend. But until a live human woman is presented to her, apparently she’s deciding that Will’s telling the truth!

After she heard Eva’s story, Cynthia says, “I didn’t believe it. I assumed Will was dating people before we met — why wouldn’t he be? It would actually be kind of strange if he wasn’t. He is a great guy. I’m also dating, and we aren’t dating exclusively. I’m not ready to be exclusive with anyone yet. He was very clear about not having a girlfriend or being in a serious relationship with anyone, and I believe him. Obviously, a girlfriend is a deal breaker.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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