Kandi Burruss Thinks Porsha Williams Lied About Believing Phaedra Parks About The Rumors Last Year

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15015 -- Pictured: Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo)

There are few things that are more annoying than a Real Housewife dragging out a story line – MOST of the time. Usually, I’m all for moving on, arguing about something new, and repeating the cycle as quickly as possible. That said, it makes complete sense for Kandi Burruss to still be upset that Porsha Williams spread rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her. Is Kandi really supposed to hug her and go shopping together after that?

Obviously, they’re both cast members on Real Housewives of Atlanta, so Kandi cannot just cut her out the way most people would if they weren’t on a reality TV show. Porsha should feel blessed that Kandi hasn’t taken any legal action against her. Kandi rebuffing a hug or two really isn’t that big of a deal in comparison. Porsha really got off easy here.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kandi was asked about Porsha – a lot. The viewers wanted to know why Kandi invited her to the party for her Essence cover if she wasn’t cool with her. Kandi admitted, “First of all, she’s on the show, so that’s why she got invited.  Honestly, we would never talk again if it wasn’t for us being in the same cast. Let’s be honest. On top of that, I am trying to move past it because we do work together, but it was too soon. I was trying to be nice, but I didn’t want to be buddy buddy.”

Did Kandi actually invite Porsha or was Porsha’s name on the schedule for filming that day? I would not be at all shocked if production pushed Kandi to include her former accuser on the guest list.

Andy Cohen asked Kandi to address rumors that she and Todd Tucker are divorcing. Kandi looked visibly shocked by the question and admitted, “I haven’t even heard those rumors.” Then the camera panned to Todd in the audience supporting Kandi and shaking his head. He even jokingly asked “Who said that?” as an homage to Kandi’s infamous line during the Season 9 reunion.

Porsha isn’t the only person who has spread lies about Kandi. A couple of episodes ago, Kim Zolciak told Sheree Whitfield that Kandi “wanted to lick her box.” Kandi said, “That was such bull crap. That was a lie. And the thing that I really don’t like is that she texted me and said you guys edited her to make it look like she was saying that. I said, ‘First of all from what I saw, it looks like you said that. So that’s a lie.’ I have never in life ever tried to come onto her in any kind of way. For me, I just needed her to tell the world that it’s not true. If you didn’t say it, just tell the world. I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting for her to do it.”

Kim goes from emphatically declaring that Kandi wanted her “box” to backtracking and blaming the editing? How reliable.

A caller asked Kandi, “Why are you upset with Porsha when Phaedra [Parks] is the one who started all of this?” Kandi said, “Why am I upset with her? That’s the part that cracks me up: when people say why am I upset with her? First of all, yeah I know I wasn’t as tight with her at that moment as she was with Phaedra, but she and I had been cool for a very long time. I had never done anything to make her feel uncomfortable around me or anything. For Phaedra to just be able to tell you something right before we were going to have a conversation and you just throw it out there as if it’s true, to say something so serious and she knows for a fact that I would never try to do anything like that to her. So she just believed that I told Phaedra that? That’s such crap.”

Kandi continued, “So she kept saying, ‘Someone told me,’ but never once was Phaedra repeating it publicly, so why would you continue to believe it was true? I don’t believe the whole thing about her believing Phaedra. I feel like she just wanted to come at me with some things to say because we were arguing and she ran with it and I feel like that’s not the type of thing that you run with.”

After a commercial break, Kandi added, “Todd just wanted me to remind everybody as far as the Porsha comments go that Phaedra and I hadn’t been friends since a couple of years before last season. We hadn’t hung out together at all before that last season. So when would I have ever told her that? So he was like common sense should have told Porsha that I hadn’t even talked to Phaedra in years on anything personal, so why would I tell her that?”

Such a valid point. Why would Kandi start confiding in Phaedra all of a sudden? How could Porsha actually believe that?

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