Will Jones Says His Intentions With Cynthia Bailey Were Pure

Despite her insistence that she is not here to start drama, Eva Marcille has stirred it up in her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta by accusing Cynthia Bailey‘s new boyfriend, Will Jones, of cheating/having another girlfriend. Will wants to set the record straight.

Will insists that he’s not sure where this gossip comes from on Eva‘s part since their meeting was brief, “That completely threw me off because when I first met [Eva], I only met her for like 10 minutes and the rest of the time was with her now-fiancé talking about the things I wanted to do for the kids in Chicago because he used to be a prosecutor in Chicago.”

He continues to explain in a new interview with Us Magazine, “So when she actually came out and said I had a girlfriend, it just threw me off because I’m like ‘You know I didn’t have a girlfriend. Why are you saying this?’”

He claims that the photo doesn’t prove a thing. He says it’s “just a picture of me supporting you and your guy, but it doesn’t say that’s my girlfriend, nor did I actually say that’s my girlfriend.”  He adds, “So I don’t know maybe it just got taken out of context, I don’t know, what can I say.”

Will assumes it’s the “nature of the show” but he feels he was ambushed, “I was ambushed. I was absolutely ambushed.” He also shared, “I’m not worried about what they think of me, I’m worried about what Cynthia thinks about me.”

Will insists that some things have been twisted and maybe hints at editing not being completely spot-on (shocker, right!?). Will says Cynthia didn’t want to be exclusive in the beginning, “We both said in the show, we were dating other people. We were not exclusive, and then as we spent more time together I told her that I wanted to focus on her and I’m not dating anybody else but her. But a lot of times I guess with the show, and the show does have a lot of twists, those comments are overshadowed.”

Will absolutely wanted to just date Cynthia and get to know her better. “That was it. That was my goal. Not doing it for entertainment, not doing it for anything else.”

Things apparently fizzle out for the two as he refers to their relationship now as “good friends.” He shared, “I keep up with Cynthia. We’re good friends.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV