Cynthia & Peter

Cynthia Bailey reflects on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She breaks down her thoughts on Porsha’s vegan dinner, her lunch with Peter Thomas and reveals if she was shocked over Kim Zolciak ditching the girls trip. Kandi Burruss also weighs in on Mama Joyce‘s meeting with Porsha Williams.

Cynthia feels bad that what was supposed to be a party all about celebrating Kandi, became dominated by the drama over Will. “I was very surprised when Porsha approached me about Will. She had expressed to me before that her friend knows Will and that he is a nice guy. From being approached by Eva about Will, being on my first date publicly with Will, Will meeting all the girls, me not expecting Peter to be at the party, and Peter and I not speaking at the party, it was a lot of me when the evening was supposed to be about Kandi! After Porsha’s bomb, I was done. I just fell apart.”

On that vegan dinner party at Porsha‘s, she shared “My arrival was a little awkward at first, because clearly I was the appetizer of choice being served up on a silver platter, and I’m not even vegan. LOL!”

Cynthia doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Peter, who thinks they shouldn’t speak to each other if they’re out with other people. “Peter and I are still friends, and he gave me some great relationship advice. However, I do disagree about us not speaking if we’re out with someone else. I refuse to not speak to my ex-husband of almost 10 years if we’re in the same room. I don’t care who we’re out with, that’s crazy!”

Cynthia is among the cast members who weren’t shocked at all that Kim Zolciak didn’t attend the girls trip, as per her usual. “I was surprised that Kenya didn’t come on the trip, because she never misses a girls’ trip. I know that she’s been dealing with a lot with the recent passing of her mother/grandmother, trying to get pregnant, and adjusting to being a newlywed. I really missed her not being there. But no, I wasn’t surprised that Kim didn’t come.”

Mama Joyce & Porsha

In other RHOA opinions, Kandi Burruss shared her thoughts on Mama Joyce meeting up with Kandi’s nemesis Porsha. “I didn’t like that she went to meet with Porsha behind my back, but more than that, I was disappointed that my mom said negative things about Todd while she was there.”

Kandi also revealed that she doesn’t find it unusual if Cynthia still has feelings for her ex-husband. And on the subject of Kenya and Kim skipping the trip, Kandi is asked if she was surprised. Her simple answer, “No.”


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