Former New Jersey Housewife Kathy Wakile: “The Only Regret I Have Is Not Telling Somebody To Go F*ck Themselves”

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 23: Kathy Wakile and Richard Wakile visit at SiriusXM Studios on October 23, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

The last time we saw Kathy Wakile on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice referred to her as a “cancer” that she needed to cut out. Since Real Housewives of New Jersey is essentially The Teresa Giudice show, it’s not surprising that Kathy is no longer a cast member.

What is surprising is that Kathy didn’t mention Teresa or Melissa Gorga (by name) in a recent interview about time as a Real Housewife. Most likely that was something the interviewers agreed upon beforehand because if I ever got a chance to talk to Kathy, those two would be the first people that I mentioned to her. She was at odds with her cousin Teresa the entire time she was on the show and Melissa shifted from #TeamKathy to #TeamTeresa, so I would love to know what she really thinks about her relatives.

In an interview for The Tomorrow Show, Kathy discussed that infamous baptism brawl during her first episode as a Housewife. Kathy insists, “I wasn’t only protecting my children, I was protecting everyone’s children. That’s what set the tone at the beginning of the show. Maybe they thought I was trying to be condescending or rude. No, I got out of there because I wanted to make sure everybody’s kids were out of their too.” One of those kids was Teresa’s youngest daughter Audriana. Kathy mentioned that Audriana was left “unattended” which resulted in another explosive argument with Teresa.

When asked if she had any regrets doing the show, Kathy said “no” at first, but then she claimed, “The only regret I have is not telling somebody to go f**k themselves. Other than that, I don’t have any regret at all.” Gee, who could she be referring to?

Kathy claims, “It would take a lot for me to return. I couldn’t return to a very toxic environment.” Again, I “wonder” who she can be alluding to as a person contributing that “toxic environment”

If Kathy returned to the show, she says, “I won’t take second fiddle anymore. That was something that bothered me.” Without even mentioning a name, it’s pretty clear who she doesn’t want to be second fiddle too.

Clearly Kathy is not on good terms with her family members these days, but she tried her best. She maintains, “I did want to work things out with the family.” She continues, “I was put down for it and not taken serious and you know, really degraded for it. The viewers saw through that all and I appreciate the viewers because the viewers are really smart and they say that I was genuine and authentic in my desires to make things work. I won’t be disrespected again. That’s a big one that would have to change.” For the 95358353th time in this interview, it is very obvious who Kathy is referencing without uttering a single name. She really navigated this situation well. She threw ample shade, but there were no shit talking sound bites to extract from the episode.

It does not seem like Kathy would return to the show any time soon, but there have been lots of rumors about OG cast members Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo rejoining the cast. Kathy remarks, “Oh I think Jacqueline and Caroline for sure. I think they’re great. I’m an OG lover so I think Jacqueline and Caroline because they really are real Jersey. They really are real Jersey.”

Kathy continues, “I think Jacqueline would do it. I think that things would have to be, the circumstances would have to be really good for her to do it again, and I think that Caroline would do it too again for the same, things would have to change and go back to the old ideas of what the family base is, the family grounding of what the show did start off as.”

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[Photo Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images]