Kyle Richards Wants To Be Dismissed From The Dog Attack Lawsuit Against Kim Richards

No dog has caused as much drama as Kim Richards’ dog Kingsley. Her beloved dog has caused serious injuries, emotional distress, and a bevy of legal bills for the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member.

The dog has also caused a lot of issues between Kim and her sister Kyle Richards, especially since Kingsley bit Kyle’s daughter Alexia and she had to be hospitalized. Now Kyle is going out her way to distance herself from Kim’s doggy drama by asking to be dismissed from a lawsuit filed against her sister.

Page Six reports that Kyle wants nothing to do with the lawsuit Kim’s former assistant Paige Sanderson filed against Kim after a 2016 dog attack.

Apparently Kim’s ex-assistant was at Kim’s place helping her get ready for a promotional event “saw Kinglsey and ran to the bathroom out of fear.” Kim supposedly told her Kinglsey was fine, but he ended up “biting her lower abdomen and crotch area.” It gets even worse though. The assistant claims that Kim wouldn’t call 911 unless she said that it was a stray dog who attacked her instead of Kingsley. If that’s true, that is absurdly cruel.

I don’t blame this woman for suing. Kyle comes into the equation because Kyle owns the condo where the incident took place & Kim had been living (rent free). It was also noted that Kyle did not visit the condo until April 2016 and that Kyle had no idea Kinglsey was still living with Kim. She was under the impression that the monster dog was living with a trainer since that is what Kim said at a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]