Kim Richards

Just because Kim Richards is no longer a Real Housewife, that doesn’t mean that the drama has stopped. Kim was just ordered to pay over $59,000 to a former friend who was viciously attacked by Kim’s dog Kingsley and sent to the hospital in 2014.

This isn’t the first time or the second time (or the third, or fourth, or fifth time) that Kinglsey has done serious damage. Kim and her sister Kyle Richards had a major falling out when the dog attacked Kyle’s daughter Alexia and sent her to the hospital as well.

Thankfully Kim gave Kingsley away, but she is still suffering from the dog’s wild attacks. She was originally ordered to pay the attack victim Kay Rozario $8,000, but now she has to pay $59,083.53 according to a report from RadarOnline. That is quite the increase! It is seven times as much as the original amount.

The victim, who is eighty three years old, spoke to Radar about her suit against Kim. She insisted, “It was about forcing Kim Richards to get rid of that brutal, vicious dog.” She also said, “Hopefully, this will help others by getting that horrible dog away from people before it kills somebody. I’m really glad Kim has to pay for what she did to me, that she lost the case, and I’m so glad she’s being punished financially for her blatant disregard for the safety of people and me.”

That sounds harsh, but this dog has attacked/bitten MANY people over the years, including Brandi Glanville, so it is probably for the best. Thankfully, Kim is spending time with horses these days and is living a much more peaceful life.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]