NeNe & Sheree In Barcelona

NeNe Leakes Went Out To Dinner With Sheree Whitfield’s Man Tyrone Gilliams; Says He Is An Opportunist

There have been some great additions to Real Housewives of Atlanta over the years, but nothing delivers quite like the drama between OG cast members NeNe Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, and Kim Zolciak. This triangle of drama will sustain me forever.

All hell broke loose when Sheree told Kim about NeNe questioning Kim’s health during the cast trip to Barcelona. Kim retaliated by sending a scathing group text about NeNe parking in a handicap space and having roaches in her bathroom. Now NeNe wants nothing to do with Kim, Sheree, and even Sheree’s prison boo Tyrone Gilliams.

During an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Kim, NeNe, and Sheree opened up about their animosity. No, they didn’t do a joint interview, but Kim and Sheree did sit on the same couch for their portion…. while NeNe shared her thoughts alone. There’s no chance these three will be in the same room again until they film the Season 10 reunion.

NeNe called out Sheree for her bone collector reputation, saying, “I don’t know why Sheree takes pride in being the bone carrier because it ain’t cute.” Obviously NeNe wasn’t happy with Sheree for snitching to Kim. NeNe said, “It really started a fire that she didn’t have to start.”

Then she claimed, “No matter how kind I’ve tried to be with her, I feel like her and Kim have an alliance together. They simply need each other. They can blow each other’s mind. ‘Girl, you so great. Girl, you so fabulous. Your house is so beautiful. Your man is so hot.’ They can lie to each other and it works.” When was NeNe kind to Sheree?

In contrast, Kim told Sheree, “People say that you’re the bone collector. You’ve never told anybody any of my secrets. Ever.” It’s just “people” who refer to Sheree as the bone collector. Sheree takes great pride in the bone collector label. Sheree just told Kim, “I know.”

Kim asked Sheree, “Why do they say that?” Sheree theorized, I think they get confused. These girls talk behind each other’s backs. You would say it to their face.” Kim agreed and added, “Whoever they’re not with, they’re talking about.”

Sheree continued, “So when they say the bone collector, I think it’s more me helping these girls, or keeping these girls honest. You said this about this person. Say it to them. Don’t tell me and then have me be the middle person.”

The conversation turned to Tyrone. Again. For a man locked up behind bars, he’s bringing a lot more to the table than a lot of the women who actually get paid to be on this show. Sheree revealed, “NeNe met Tyrone before I met Tyrone. Tyrone was in Miami with, I guess a girlfriend at that time. NeNe saw them. She went and befriended the girl, but ultimately….. she liked Tyrone.”

An off-camera producer asked, “Did anything happen?” Sheree claimed, “No. She’s not his type.” And then NeNe addressed her past with Tyrone. And by “addressed” I mean she avoided the questions and threw shade in an attempt to distract us from noticing. NeNe shared, “I was going through a divorce at that time. We were staying in the same hotel and he was with another girl. Of course, they was super thirsty and came over and like ‘Hi. I’d love to meet you. I want to take you out to dinner.’  We went out to dinner in a group setting. Then later on, he called me on his own and wanted to go out to dinner. And well, you know.”

Then the off-camera producer chimed in again with, “This was like a date?” NeNe danced around the question and just said, “Well, I am NeNe Leakes, honey. So I get free dinners every now and then.” Note: she didn’t deny that it was a date. The producer asked, “Was there any kind of romance between you and Tyrone?” NeNe responded with, “No, honey. There was no attraction at all.”

NeNe said, “Of course Tyrone is an opportunist. He wanted to talk to me. He ended up talking to Sheree. I just find it very odd when guys are trying to move around a circle of girls. My nose is pretty big. I smell a rat, honey.”

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