Judge Orders David Beador To Pay Shannon Beador Alimony; He Claims He Can’t Afford It!

Shannon Beador and David Beador met with a judge last week to begin proceedings for their divorce, specifically over Shannon request for temporary alimony. David argued that Shannon doesn’t need his money, but a judge disagreed.

David, oddly, represented himself while the Real Housewives Of Orange County star brought along her attorney who was much better equipped to fight for her rights. David was apparently trying to save money – or maybe he’s too broke to afford his legal fees and Shannon’s – which the judge ordered him to pay $25,000 towards. 

Shannon and David were awarded joint physical and legal custody of their three daughters, because the judge decided, “It seems like they are both good parents to their children, despite the fact that they are at odds with each other.” David is also to pay $12,000 per month in child support.

That’s where the pleasantries end because David apparently demonstrated that Shannon is creating discord between him and his daughters, the judge told him, “Sir, I hope you can come to coax (your daughters) to have as much parental time with them and tell Shannon to cooperate.” Ouch.

The judge also ruled that David was to pay Shannon $18,000 per month in temporary spousal support!!!! Did this guy cheat again and we just don’t know? David contested the decision, claiming Shannon actually out-earns him courtesy of her Housewives paycheck and subsequent deals associated with the show – he cited her recently signed season 13 contract, but the judge disallowed this because future earnings can’t be a considering factor. In a related note, Shannon has started filming already.

According to witnesses, a shocked David argued, “She spends like a freak!” and complained the judge was biased because he represented himself.

David insisted that if he continues funding Shannon’s extravagance it will potentially bankrupt his company and he may have to shut down for 3 months. David’s business grossed just a scant $1 million last year, and this comes after he claims to have lost $3 – $4 million in previous years. I guess that alludes to him having debts? That also explains their move to a rental! In contrast, Shannon’s income has only increased.

However, Shannon’s attorney accused David of sheltering money by paying himself rent because his construction company sits on land David also owns. I guess it depends if he’s over-inflating the rent amount? David denied this and insists that all his earnings go back into funding his company and various business expenditures – including payroll. To determine the full state of David’s confusing business affairs the judge ordered a $10,000 retainer for a forensic accountant.

A frustrated David told the judge, “I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to present any evidence. I need to be careful here, but it seems to me you gave more credibility to Mr. Phillips because he is an attorney and I am self-represented. Quite honestly, your honor, I was ready to have the bailiff put me in handcuffs and haul me off because $30,000 a month would potentially destroy my company. I have to pay my ex to live a lavish lifestyle while I struggle to make payroll. I have no line of credit because in previous years I had some issues.”

The judge denied favoring Shannon and reportedly chastised BOTH the Beadors for their wasteful spending, saying, “They both individually make too much money not to have enough at the end of each month.” Shannon reported needing $55,000 per month to maintain her lifestyle!

In a positive for David, Shannon told Radar Online that the exes met after court and agreed a lesser amount of alimony would be sufficient. Meanwhile, David complained that he was “being taken advantage of.” After all if David is shelling out all his cash on Shannon’s supplements and crystals, I doubt they’ll be very much left over for college funds.

Sheesh – I agree with the judge! All that money and not a penny to their names? Shannon is gonna have to start clipping coupons.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]