Adrienne Maloof has lunch with Kyle on RHOBH

Nothing will ever top the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seasons with the original cast members. The show that originally blessed us with story lines about sibling relationships, addiction, domestic violence, adultery, and divorce is now subjecting us to a multiple-episode arc on being late to lunch and countless scenes with the Housewives packing and picking outfits.

OG cast member Adrienne Maloof opens up about the impact of the show on her marriage with now-ex-husband Paul Nassif, her current relationship status with Jacob Busch, and the possibility of returning to the 90210 as a full-time Housewife.

In an interview for the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Adrienne admits, “For us, we went through the divorce. It would have happened regardless of the show or not. People always ask ‘Did the show cause your divorce?’ No, the show did not cause the divorce. It didn’t help, but it wasn’t the cause of it. We would have eventually ended that way, but I will say we both agreed to- for the sake of our children- lots of counseling, co-parenting, and I think we’re good role models for other people going through divorces.”

Heather McDonald discussed a party of Adrienne’s that she attended and remarked, “You had your boyfriend there. You guys are still together.” Adrienne corrected her and stated, “We’re really good friends.” So I guess she’s not officially dating Jacob Busch anymore?

Heather pointed out, “You just posted something.” Adrienne told her, “We were together on Valentine’s Day. We’re very, very, very, good friends. We’ll see what happens. Right now, I just kind of need to focus on some other things going on in my life, but yeah, good guy.” In case anyone was curious, this is the Instagram post that Heather was referring to.

Then, Heather got to the most important question of the interview: “Do you ever want to come back full-time?” Adrienne admitted, “I should never say ‘never,’ but I like kind of popping in and popping out. I do. I like it. Full-time is a full-time job and I’m raising three young boys. It gets a little difficult. Being a single mom, I think it’s hard too.” I don’t blame her. She already has more than enough money and the show really isn’t that good these days, so it’s not worth it. Why would she want to subject herself to arguments about glassware and remembering fun facts about Lisa Vanderpump?

The show just isn’t the same anymore. Adrienne said, “You can’t bottle what we had. The originals, the OGs, we brought the ratings in. For whatever reasons, it all worked.” Absolutely.

A lot has changed though. Aside from the show going down hill, Adrienne’s business empire has gone through it’s own transformation. After tons of promotion about her family’s involvement with Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas during the show’s first three seasons, Adrienne shared, “We’ve moved on and we’re looking at other things in that genre.” Interesting. She also revealed, “We sold the basketball team and now we’re founding partners in the NHL. The Las Vegas Golden Nuggets have an amazing record.”

And what about that Maloof Hoof drama? Adrienne is done with the shoe endeavor and shared, “That was a licensing deal. I enjoyed that.” Same. Well, not the actual shoes, but the drama that the line brought to the show.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]