Carole Radziwill Admits Friendship Bethenny Frankel Is On The Rocks; Dishes On Break Up With Adam Kenworthy

I admit it – I’m kinda excited to see the decline of Brazi, aka Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill‘s friendship. I never personally believed either woman was sincere in their so-called love for each other, and it seemed mainly like a relationship of convenience and alliance.

This season of Real Housewives Of New York Carole is very-much a single lady in all respects – she’s flying solo in the friendship department, but she’s also done with much-younger boyfriend Adam Kenworthy (finally because that relationship was annoying). Below Carole dishes on getting a parasite during RHONY’s vacation from hell, why she and Adam broke up, and the status of things with Bethenny.

First up the everlasting trauma from their trip to Colombia. “We all ate something that did not agree with us. I think it was a fish because Bethenny and Tinsley [Mortimer] are actually allergic to fish and they didn’t eat the fish, and the rest of us did and we all did come home with a parasite,” Carole reveals. “I’m good now! Actually yesterday I got a clean bill of health.”

Carole doesn’t provide too many details on the decline of her relationship with Adam, save to hint a phone call – and Bethenny were involved! She tells Page Six TV, “You will see that in addition to my relationships with Luann [de Lesseps] and Bethenny and others that my relationship with Adam goes through some changes. Starting with a phone call that I received… He’s a great guy; a great boyfriend – we just thought it was maybe time to part ways a little bit. But we might get back together – who knows?”

“That was part of one of the reasons why Bethenny and I had disagreements,” Carole admits. “It was something that she said about Adam.” Bethenny … meddling in other’s relationships? No! Maybe Bethenny and her iPhone just need to back-off?

“Our friendship isn’t over it’s just not what it was.  I’m sort of an idealistic person and I sometimes view people idealistically, when I meet them, and now I just see [Bethenny] a little bit more realistically,” Carole explains. “I think there were some things that were said that I heard that she had said, that I didn’t think were consistent with someone who was a good friend, and the person I knew her to be. I talked to her about it, and she doesn’t like to be confronted so I don’t know how well it went.”

Yikes – well that sounds promising from a potential drama department.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]