Robyn Dixon Thinks “It Would Have Been A Miracle” If Karen Huger Had “An Insightful Conversation” About Her Tax Issues

During the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger held a press conference with no press. It rivaled that infamous Sheree Whitfield fashion show with no fashions.

Karen didn’t do herself any favors during that “press conference.” She only served peanuts and water. She refused to answer any questions. She did not share any useful information. It was just a total failure, but did make for some great TV.

Before discussing the press-free press conference, Robyn Dixon addressed Karen Huger rolling up to Monqiue Samuels’ home with a new $100,000 car in a Bravo blog post. That wasn’t exactly the best move to make given the news that her husband Ray Huger was swimming in millions of dollars in tax debt.

Robyn wrote, “Well I guess Ms. Karen showed us! She said she was ‘loaded’ and by the looks of her new ride, she may be right! BTW, Karen looks super hot driving that car!” I agree with the latter part of that sentiment. Karen really did look hot driving that car and her body is really on point this season, but driving up in that expensive car just seemed like a blatant deflection to me.

And now onto the “press conference.” Robyn admitted, “I was so intrigued when Karen called me to invite me to her press conference. I was really expecting to walk into a room with a podium, microphone, cameras, and reporters with voice recorders. But clearly, Karen doesn’t know what a press conference is, just like she doesn’t know what a blog or the Washington Post and The Shaderoom are.” Just like Karen “didn’t know”  that her husband owed millions of dollars in taxes until it went public in the Washington Post.

Robyn wrote, “I did appreciate that Karen wanted to have an open discussion about her tax rumors.” Obviously that is not what ended up happening. That “discussion”- if you can even call it that- was anything but “open.”

Robyn continued, “While she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, she understood that people were going to talk and speculate amongst themselves, so she might as well address everything so we can move on and put the tax talk behind us. Karen said she wanted to hear what we had to say and I was really hoping that we would be able to have an insightful conversation, but of course, that would have been a miracle if that actually happened. It really was only a matter of time for someone to say something that Karen didn’t like and set her off! It doesn’t take much!” That definitely didn’t go well. At all.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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