Kandi Burruss Thinks Sheree Whitfield Was “Ready For War” Going Into The Reunion; Done Talking About Her Issues With Porsha Williams

Whenever Andy Cohen and Sheree Whitfield share a stage, he always asks her “Are you wearing She By Sheree”? As the longtime Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers are aware, She by Sheree is Sheree’s clothing line that never really got started. She infamously had a fashion show without the fashions.

Usually Sheree just deflects from the questions, but during the first episode of the Season 10 reunion, she was not having it when Andy asked, “What happened to She by Sheree?” She didn’t take out her frustrations on Andy though. Instead she lashed out at Kandi Burruss, who wasn’t even trying to stir the pot or be shady. All she did was clarify Andy’s question, but Sheree didn’t respond to that well. At all.

Kandi discussed the first part of the reunion in a Bravo blog post. Before addressing Sheree’s unnecessary hostility, Kandi commented on Kenya Moore’s pregnancy revelation. She shared, “I was shocked and excited! I know how much she wanted to have a baby. I hate that she was put on the spot to share her news earlier than she probably planned, but I’m happy for her, and I can’t wait to meet Baby Daly!” Kandi’s sentiments echo the rest of the cast members’ reactions on the reunion stage. Even Porsha Williams seemed to be genuinely excited for Kenya. The only person who didn’t react in any way- let alone smiling or congratulating Kenya- was Sheree.

Kandi was asked, “What did you think when Sheree came for you about that She by Sheree question?” Just in case anyone forgot what exactly went down- or was confused because the exchange of words was so quick- I went back, watched the episode, and took note of what was said so you don’t have to.

Just like he always does, Andy asked, “What happened to She by Sheree?” Sheree responded with, “Joggers.” She gave him one word with zero explanation. Andy asked her, “Excuse me?” Somehow Sheree managed to be even more vague than she originally was and responded, “Joggers. It’s more lifestyle.” Apparently Sheree just didn’t want to conjugate verbs for a minute or two.

Kandi nicely tried to clarify the question and said, “He’s talking about your clothing line She by Sheree. Are you bring it back?” Sheree snapped, “I know. I answered it.” But did she though? Kandi remarked, “Oh. That wasn’t clear.” Sheree clapped back, “You weren’t clear. I said ‘I am doing joggers.'” No, that’s not what she said. She literally just said the word “joggers” with zero explanation. She later claimed that she has a line of athletic wear coming out, “Probably, more September. That is um… Spring/Summer .” Sure….

Now that you are refreshed on the exchange, Kandi wrote in her blog, “I have no idea what her problem was. It felt like she was ready for war and was ready to give it to whoever said a word to her. I didn’t feel like I said anything worth being snapped on.” Poor, Kandi. It was really Andy who was stirring shit up, but obviously Sheree would never lash out at him. Who ‘gon check her, boo? Andy Cohen, that’s who.

The other frustrating moment for Kandi was when Porsha just didn’t understand her point about Porsha’s deficient apology. I mean come on, this goes far beyond the standard Housewives beef. Porsha publicly accused Kandi of wanting to drug and rape her. Kandi concluded, “At this point, I don’t care if she understood or not — I’m done talking about it.”

Tonight is part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. “Eva Marcille joins the ladies and wastes no time questioning the sincerity of Cynthia’s love interest. Keeping on the topic of love, the ladies get candid with their opinions surrounding Shereé’s prison bae and both she and Cynthia find themselves in the hot seat defending their relationship status. As the dust settles, tensions rise once again when Kim returns to the reunion couches for the first time since Season 6, bringing her face-to-face with frenemy turned enemy NeNe for the first time in months.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]