Karen Huger Says Robyn Dixon “Holds The Crown Of Two-Faced” On Real Housewives Of Potomac

The last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac started out with the conclusion of Karen Huger’s “press conference,” but the focus of the drama shifted to Robyn Dixon for the rest of the episode. Robyn got into it with Monique Samuels at Monique’s party in her own home and Ashley Darby at the same event.

Karen was probably relieved to have someone else in the line of fire, but her refusal to fess up to financial problems is still the main story line of the season.

In a Bravo blog post, Karen tried to put a good spin on that failed press conference. The self-proclaimed Grand Dame of Potomac proclaimed, “I called these ladies together to PRESS the heck out of them to show me once and for all their true colors. Who was a friend and who was an enemy! My press event without the press was actually very successful because I got my answer about who was a true friend. Not one of these ladies asked how I was or if there was anything they could do for me; this was very telling.” Maybe if Karen fed them something other than peanuts and water, they would have been in a more genial mood.

Karen continued, “In hindsight, I could have ended the meeting then, since I had all the information I needed. However, I stuck with my agenda which was simply to state this was a business matter that did not involve me and that I could not and would not ever comment on it again.” Yeah, right. There’s no doubt that this will be one of the main discussion topics during the Season 3 reunion episodes.

Karen admitted, “I expected Gizelle [Bryant] to play bad friend/good friend and try to spark off some funny banter, but nobody laughed. I was most surprised by Monique’s [Samuels] comments – I thought we were cool and, while her comments were not hurtful, they certainly were not supportive. I believe she’s being pulled in so many different directions she doesn’t know which way is right. I will say, joining the other ladies’ ill-conceived plan based on lies and deceit is not the way to go. One by one, they themselves fell into the hole they dug for me.” Out of everyone there, Monique seemed to be the one who cared the most about Karen’s problems, but apparently that wasn’t good enough.

One person who wasn’t at the “press conference” to support Karen was Gizelle. I mean, she made a t-shirt full of slogans making fun of the Hugers’ financial problems. Karen wrote, “Initially I thought Gizelle was wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again. I believed her hashtags were unnecessary and cruel; that she was a delusional, troubled woman if she thought that shirt was a joke.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If Gizelle is “delusional,” then what is Karen?

Karen continued, “However, based on the situation with Robyn below, I am trying to see this from a different perspective…maybe it really was meant to be funny. But funny is not the word that comes to mind at first glance…I can tell you that Gizelle’s mean lady ways are going to catch up to her. We all know Karma is a B’YATCH.”

Karen wrote, “Robyn calling Monique two-faced is the pot calling the kettle black. Robyn holds the crown of two-faced in the group; you tell her something in confidence and she’s out the door, down the street, and around the corner in a hot minute, spilling every word you shared with her to any and everyone who will listen to her. Furthermore, it’s a meme for God’s sake. Are you serious? It’s a joke. Robyn attacked my integrity and then wanted sympathy for a meme. Robyn can dish it but can’t take it. Grow up already.”

She concluded, “As for Ashley [Darby] she was being her normal self; butting in where she’s not been invited, only to change the subject to her messy agenda and give her opinion about Robyn/Juan’s [Dixon] relationship. Ashley needs to take a broom to her own marriage. Typical Ashley.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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