Monique Samuels Thinks Robyn Dixon Is “Placing Her Own Issues Onto Other People”; Says She Gave Candiace Dillard’s Fiancé Permission To Jump Off The Balcony At Her Party

It probably wasn’t the best idea for Robyn Dixon to confront Monique Samuels at Monique’s party in her own home during the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. She could have just called her out during a one-on-one lunch that they could have expensed to the production company.

It also didn’t make sense for Robyn to beef with Monique over something that was posted on a fan page, but then again, this is a Housewives show, so it would have been a boring episode if everyone just had a fun time at the party. Robyn’s partner in crime Gizelle Bryant did not like Monique from the second she came on the scene last season, so maybe Robyn and Monique just dislike each other by association? This just seems like a pretty random feud.

Before discussing that confrontation with Robyn, Monique addressed Karen Huger’s “press conference” in a Bravo blog post. Monique shared, ” I feel like Karen accomplished what she wanted. At the end she said she wanted to see who was still left in the room to help determine her real friends.”

Monique called out Gizelle for her homemade t-shirt: “I thought the hashtags were very tacky and childish. I did not find the humor in them. For a “friend” to go as far as planning their walkout and then revealing hurtful hashtags on a t-shirt that you had the audacity to iron on and make yourself, I think is no friend at all.” Definitely not, but it definitely stirred the pot just enough to add excitement to this story line.

Monique made sure to give a shout out to the fan page (that she “has nothing to do with”) that posed an unflattering meme about Robyn: “A meme!!!! I thought she had a real issue or concern with me! Clearly, her issue is with The Boss Squad (I’m sure they’re grateful for the plug)!”

Monique explained, “To be clear, my comment had nothing to do with Robyn being ‘beneath’ the ‘group.’ I don’t know where she’s getting that from (‘Who Said Dat?’). It appears that she’s revealing what she truly feels about HERSELF in comparison to the group.”

She continued, “That comment was directed at Gizelle and Gizelle’s character. She was upset that I ‘liked’ the meme that featured her, but meanwhile, she’s retweeting posts regarding Karen’s tax situation, laughing about it with Gizelle and spreading the word about the private phone conversation she shared with Karen. Oh yeah but she says I’m two-faced?” Two wrongs don’t make a right…

Monique insisted, “I would never put a person down for their financial situation and never will because I’ve been there before!” She claimed, “For her to bring up a meme that was posted on a fan page was a complete REACH! She’s looking for any and every reason to not like me and that’s fine.”

Monique admitted, “Yes, I do know who runs the Boss Squad fanpage but I do not control their content, nor do I pay them.” She did give them two shout outs in this blog post though. The name of the page wasn’t referenced at all during the episode, but now we are all fully aware of the page’s existence…

Monique wrote, “I have no problem confronting people on my own social media or to their face but clearly she’s the one with confrontation issues. It seems as though she’s placing her own issues on to other people. Sounds familiar. Watching it now still infuriates me because I think the entire conversation was pathetic.” I don’t blame Robyn for being upset to see a meme making fun of her. Any normal person would hate to see that, but she’s not a civilian. She is a Real Housewife and staring in memes is a part of that role. But here’s the real question: Did Monique have anything to do with the meme that was posted? Or was that really just posted by someone without running it by her? If Robyn was a good friend of Monique’s, I doubt that meme would have ever been posted by Monique’s “fans.”

Moving onto a lighter topic, Monique shared, “Candiace’s [Dillard] fiancé, Chris [Bassett], asked my permission to jump into the pool from my balcony and I told him it was fine so long as he signed a waiver of liability! LOL! I thought it was hilarious and I was glad he felt so comfortable to be himself in our home. The goal of a great Samuels’ party is for people to feel comfortable and to have a great time.” She just happened to have waivers of liabilities laying around the house? Talk about being a prepared hostess. She really did think of everything. Or I’m just completely misreading a joke that she made. Either way, Chris jumping into the pool was cool with the hostess, so that’s really what matters here.

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[Photo Credit: Larry French/Bravo]

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