Luann de Lesseps Says Tinsley Needs To Cut Sonja Morgan Some Slack

Before we dive into a new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City tonight, Luann de Lesseps is weighing in on last week’s drama queens. Lu is sharing her feelings on the way some cast members are treating Sonja Morgan and her annoyance over the personal pain competitions.

She starts off her latest blog sharing her disgust over the way Ramona Singer behaved last week. “Just because you can act like a prima donna doesn’t mean you should! Sonja is really focusing on her health, and I was happy to buy her the bullet blender of her dreams. I’m sure if I didn’t have the blender she needed, she would have found smoothies somewhere close in Sag Harbor! Conversely, Ramona made her art dealer move furniture around her house even though they were there to sell her art. Successful artists moving furniture in the Hamptons are usually treated a lot better. My kids are both artists, and if someone treats them this way, they’d better run.”

Luann feels that Tinsley could be a little easier on Sonja after everything Sonja did for her. “Tinsley, who is as high maintenance as Ramona, needs to cut Sonja some slack. She needs to be appreciative of everything Sonja did for her when she moved back to New York from Palm Beach. The #meangirls thing she has going with Carole isn’t endearing. As for who bought the gift card Tinsley gave to Sonja, who gives a sh–? Yet, when Tinsley goes on and on about being a debutante from a fine Richmond family then doesn’t show generosity to her hostess, what does that say about debutantes …or Richmond (not much!)?”

She continued to reflect in her Bravo blog about the friendships with Bethenny. Lu is feeling positive about her friendship with Bethenny Frankel these days. “I’m so happy that Bethenny and I are in a good place. She was absolutely f-ing right about Tom, and I told her so. We learn and grow from our mistakes, and I have no regrets.”

On that note, she shares that Dorinda Medley needs to relax when it comes to comparing pain and traumas. “Also, when did personal pain become a contest? Pain is pain, regardless of what caused it. Divorce, death, illness…I could go on and on. Dorinda needs to chill out a little and have sympathy for others. We all know someone who has had it worse than us, but that doesn’t make our difficulties any less real.”

Tonight is a new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Join us in the comments at 9/8c!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV