Brittany Cartwright relieved to be single?

Brittany Cartwright Admits To Kybella Chin-Slimming Injections

Normally when a reality TV star posts about a product on Instagram, it is not the most interesting. Usually, these are the photos that people scroll past. Sure, some fans comment asking about the product. Others slam the reality star for “selling out” by sharing a sponsored Instagram post (even though anyone in the spotlight would do the same thing to make some money).

At this point, no matter what Brittany Cartwright posts on social media, someone is going to ask her questions about her tumultuous relationship with Jax Taylor. However, one of Brittany’s followers changed the topic of conversation when she innocently posted skin care ad. This lead to Brittany’s unexpected revelation about a cosmetic procedure she got done.

An Instagram user commented on Brittany’s post with “Hey beautiful can you please share what you had done to your double chin, I saw a pic of you wearing a band over your head, because Iam looking to get cool sculpting.” Another person responded, “I believe it was kybella injection.” Surprisingly, Brittany chimed in on the conversation and confirmed, “yeah it was!”

Brittany Cartwright Admits To Chin-Slimming Injections

According to an article from Page Six, Kybella was approved by the FDA to eliminate a double chin in April 2015. Brittany isn’t the first reality TV star to get a cosmetic enhancement and she won’t be the last. As per usual, there are going to be people that applaud her for making a change and being upfront about it and for every one of those people, there are going to be plenty of haters. There’s nothing new here- minus the visibly slimmer chin.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]