Photos: Teen Mom 2 Reunion Films – Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Erupt Into Huge Fight And David Eason Accused Of Scaring Cast And Crew With Knife

Well it wouldn’t be a Teen Mom 2 reunion without Jenelle Evans causing some sort of ruckus. Last year she got into it with her mom Barbara Evans, but this time Jenelle had, ahem, ‘issues’ with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith and his current girlfriend Ashley Lanhart.

Jenelle and future subject of a Dateline Mysteries David Eason were in L.A. along with Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and Briana DeJesus to film the season 8 reunion, which escalated into a multi-day session of drama that began at a fake New Year’s Eve promo party filmed by MTV. According to sources, Jenelle’s new husband thought it would be amusing to yank out his pocketknife while they were filming said faux party which majorly alarmed production and the cast. Thankfully Adam Lind does not appear to have been there. 

While filming the party scene producers apparently noticed that David was “acting too drunk” and decided to cut him off from the bar. “When David found out they wouldn’t serve him more alcohol he got super mad.”

A source told Ashley’s Reality Roundup that David stormed off set and in the process crashed into a bunch of balloons. “He took out his pocketknife and started slashing the balloons with it! This took place a few feet away from where the cameras were filming, so there’s a slight chance it may be captured on film.”

A second source confirms what happened and added, “It freaked everyone out. Everyone just kind of froze in disbelief. Jenelle realized everyone was creeped out by what had just happened and she said he was ‘just having trouble getting through’ or something.”

Jenelle, rewrote the story and claimed David simply “popped some balloons” as he was going outside to get some air. She does admit he was mad production wouldn’t allow him to have beer, but insists it was not the dramatic helium knife fight reported… In a tweet, David alleges he was lied to about there being no alcohol and was mad because other cast members were allowed to drink. He was discriminated against, y’all! Call the EEOC!

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This sounds more like ‘David does America’s Funniest Home Videos’ to me, but I guess not, because one of the insiders noted, “It’s gotten to the point where it’s not even funny anymore. People are legit feeling unsafe.”

SO unsafe, that, for the first time ever, (which I find shocking!) MTV and production required airport-level safety protocol for the reunion filming!

When everyone returned to the set the next morning production was on high alert after the ‘David With Knife’ incident. A source revealed, “Everyone– cast, crew, audience– had to go through a security checkpoint, get patted down and wanded and have their bags checked. The production staff doesn’t want to take any chances now. Things get really intense on these sets and they can’t have someone possessing a weapon of any kind.”

And to add to all those feelings of safety and security, of course, came the massive fight between Jenelle, David, and Nathan

The drama erupted when Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley hugged Barbara and Jenelle freaked and started screaming at Barbara and Ashley about loyalty. An insider tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “Nathan jumped in and was defending [his girlfriend] Ashley, and that’s when Jenelle called David in. She yelled that Nathan was being out of control. That’s when one of the female producers stepped in between Jenelle and Ashley.”

“Because the fight was in the hallway, some of the other cast members were basically trapped inside the rooms they were in. Some of the other parents were really concerned and barged out of the green rooms to find their kids and bring them somewhere safe,” recalls one source. With his parents occupied, someone (Nathan credits Chelsea) grabbed Kaiser to get him away from the mayhem.

The Ashley’s reveals (but cannot confirm) that Nathan also accused Jenelle of being high – which is at the center of their contentious custody drama over Kaiser. Jenelle retaliated by claiming Nathan’s mom Doris was high.

The ENTIRE incident was reportedly filmed, and although things never came to physical violence, it was so out of hand that multiple sources confirm production temporarily shut down the shoot while they got everyone under control.

Nathan and Jenelle have both gotten on various social media platforms to address the fight, and while both agree the fight happened, they’re pointing the blame at each other.

Jenelle insists Ashley is solely responsible for intentionally instigating, and says Ashley “attacked” her and cussed her out; that Ashley was so out of control she had to be “pinned” against the wall and restrained. Jenelle also says Nathan screamed at David and attempted to draw him into a fight, and Nathan’s mother also got into it with David.

Jenelle maintains she was also trying to speak with her mother to let her know that consorting with Ashley is betrayal. According to Us Weekly’s transcript of Jenelle’s video rant, Barbara told Jenelle, “You are being abused, Jenelle, and you won’t tell anybody. You’re worse than you’ve ever been, even worse than when you were on drugs.”

Nathan addressed the matter in a series of Periscope videos titled, “Unsealed files of the biggest lies on planet Earth.” Nathan and Ashley defend themselves and surprise: insist everything Jenelle alleges is a complete lie. Apparently Ashley came to the reunion taping, but had decided not to film, but when Jenelle saw her hugging Barbara she started following Ashley down the hallway and screaming at her, calling her a “bitch.” Then Jenelle even attempted to barge into Nathan and Ashley’s dressing room.

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“I never attacked her. I never called her any names, I didn’t cuss her out,” Ashley retorts. “Yes I raised my voice, but she was doing all the attacking. It’s pretty sad when even the producers that don’t know me, are in my room, on my side because they know how much drama she has. She’s just so dramatic.”

“I have no problem with her,” Ashley continued. “I would love for her and Nathan to coparent together.”

Nathan was less kindly about his ex. “I’m sick of Jenelle’s lies. It’s ridiculous,” he seethed. “She needs to be drug tested. She needs to take responsibility for thee children and she needs to start being an involved parent that doesn’t worry about herself.”  Ironically Ashley is an addiction counselor professionally.

Nathan also claims security refused to assist him against Jenelle’s tirade and complained about being portrayed by MTV as “this violent, woman beater,” and accused the network of failing to protect children.

Randy Houska also weighed in tweeting, “Just watched bunch of videos(both sides)Everything I saw went exactly as @GroundLevelUp [Nathan] described it. We were stuck right in the middle of it.” And, “Not that I am going to spill stuff out but I just want people to know what is truth and what is not to help prevent rumors.”

Photos: Teen Mom 2 Tapes Reunion – Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Erupt Into Huge Fight And David Eason Accused Of Scaring Cast And Crew

(@A.lynn is Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley)

Photos: Teen Mom 2 Tapes Reunion – Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Erupt Into Huge Fight And David Eason Accused Of Scaring Cast And Crew

Oh, and just so you know: Jenelle has been on twitter calling a liar Randy too.

Jenelle Teen Mom 2 reunion drama

Perhaps Leah (for once) said it best, “All I can say is WOW. #teenmom2reunion” she tweeted.

Well you can see photos from the Teen Mom 2 party and reunion taping below. Just ugh.


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