Southern Charm

When Austen Kroll joined Southern Charm last season, he gave Shep Rose a run for his money as the ladies man in the cast. Even so, he was more of an anti-Shep back then. He had a nine to five job. He preferred pursuing a serious relationship with Chelsea Meissner over random hookups.

Now, the women in the Southern Charm cast feel like Austen has transformed into Shep Jr and they have no problem calling him out.

The ladies were asked about Austen becoming Shep Jr. during an episode of the Southern Charm After Show. Austen’s ex Chelsea admitted, “I think it’s more so this season. Last year, I thought ‘No. Y’all are so different.’ And this year I’m like, ‘Oh my god. You’re one in the same.”

Shep’s kind of/sort of ex from his Relationshep spin-off show Peyton Pritchard chimed in with her own opinion. She shared, “I totally think Austen is the new Shep. That’s such a shame because I think he had such potential. He’s turning into a Peter Pan. It’s like Shep is the younger Thomas [Ravenel] and Austen is the younger Shep.” Apparently there’s something in the water down in Charleston. Most of these men have severe symptoms of Peter Pan Syndrome.

Kathryn Dennis said, “They’re both blonde, typical broguls- that’s what I call them. They’re all the same. If you’ve got blonde hair and wiggly arms, you’re just like another one. There’s hundreds of them.” Wait. What about “wiggly arms”? Kathryn elaborated, “They’re just confused in every way of life and so are their arms.”

Chelsea said, “If Austen’s happy, then I’m happy. Live your life. It’s just hard to see.” She continued, “I think Austen went from… He had a nine to five. He was working. And then he…” Cameran Eubanks cut her off to ask, “Does he have a job?”Chelsea revealed, “No. It’s been over a year.”

Kathryn shared, “I think Austen looks up to Shep in some sort of way like ‘God he gets all these girls’- which they’re both on the search for pretty much every day and night. Austen is about the quality and Shep is about the quantity, but they’re on the same search and path in life apparently.”

Peyton admitted, “When I first came here I thought that Austen was different than Shep. I thought Austen maybe had a bigger heart. I’m not so sure about that now though.”

Chelsea claimed that Austen “just likes the social scene. He loves to be seen.” Cameran agreed and said, “Yeah.” Chelsea continued, “He loves when someone wants to take a picture with him at the bar. He gets off on that shit.”

Kathryn remarked, “I think that he was talking about all the bartenders in town knowing him or something and it’s like low key famous. So I just think his bar of achievement is just a little bit lower in life.”

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