Day 90 Fiance Happily Ever After Season 3 Premieres Tonight!

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 3 Premieres Tonight!

Okay. I’m gonna need a Lisa Rinna adult diaper because I am about to pee myself waiting for the premiere of the one – the ONLY – trainwrecky goodness of the 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After premiere. Holy Baht-man, you guys. Based on the trailer alone, it looks to be epic.

This season is stacked with cuckoo couples and disaster drama as fresh a a Family Pedro plate of chicken feet. In homage to Mother Chantel, I think we can all agree: It’s about to get a little bit more stupider up in here. And I am totally on board with that.

Here’s the season lineup: Chantel & Pedro, Paola & Russ, Molly & Luis, Annie & David – and tied for hottest flaming dumpster fire of all – Nicole & Azan and Anfisa & Jorge. So basically, we’re dealing with the dream team here (minus Paola and Russ, who in my opinion should be immediately traded in our 90DF fantasy league for for David & Evelyn. Because I could hate-watch that duo’s unique brand of idiotic smugness all day, every day).

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Here’s what TLC has in store for us tonight: “Jorge meets with divorce attorneys. Chantel questions Pedro’s motives for sending money home. It’s the moment of truth for Nicole and Azan. Molly decides she isn’t a quitter. Pao receives bad news from Colombia. David and Annie struggle to make ends meet.”

There will be baby mama drama. There will be bone-chilling BRING ME MY RED MAKEUP BAG! threats. There will be family fistfights. And of course, there will be droves of otherwise well-adjusted people tuning in to watch every single disastrous minute of it. (I’m raising my hand, loud and proud – let’s do this, people!)

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Photo Credit: TLC