Gizelle Bryant: “The ONLY THING Monique Samuels Does Is Talk About Me, Me, And Me”

This Real Housewives of Potomac story line about Monique Samuels drinking and driving incident will not be over at any time soon- especially if Monique’s enemy Gizelle Bryant has anything to say about it.

Gizelle has no problem calling out Monique for her error in judgment in these episodes, online, and eventually during the Season 3 reunion.

Before she continued to shade Monique, Gizelle addressed Karen Huger’s divorce revelation in a Bravo blog post. Gizelle explained, “Listen, if you’ve been married 20 plus years, I’m sure divorce is an ongoing topic. Like honey pass the salt and oh, by the way, I’m one step closer to packing up ALL my bags. Better yet, honey when you take out the trash please consider never coming back.” That’s a very….. interesting view of marriage.

Gizelle incorporated Ray Huger’s tax debt situation into her analysis: “Now add to that the frustration of the IRS, well that’s stress that you can’t cut with a jackhammer. If Ray and Karen Huger get a divorce so that Ray can protect her from any financial implication, well that’s not called a divorce, that’s called SMART.”

Then Gizelle got back to what she’s done best this season: shading Monique. She wrote, “How Monique is bringing up MY name into her conversation with her husband makes NO SENSE because I was NOT INVOLVED in the drinking and driving nonsense. However, it’s typical that the ONLY thing Monique does is talk about Me, Me and Me.” To be fair, Monique also does talk a lot about herself and how busy she is…

Gizelle continued, “Again, Monique is all worked up about a bunch of nothing. Whatever happen to making the bad judgment of drinking and driving and when you walk away unharmed you just say THANK YOU JESUS. Two drinks, four drinks, 17 drinks, who cares? Just put your hands in the air and say thank you Jesus. The End!” Fair enough.

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