Gizelle Bryant Reacts To Karen Huger’s Revelation That Ray Huger Asked For A Divorce

At this point, all roads lead back to Karen Huger on Real Housewives of Potomac. Yes, there are other storylines this season, but it feels like the conversations always come back to Karen and Ray Huger’s tax problems.

To make matters worse for Karen, Gizelle Bryant told her that Ashley Darby was spreading rumors that Karen and “Mr. Blue Eyes” are more than just friends.

Gizelle discussed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. She admitted, “Loved seeing Candiace [Dillard] apologize to Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan]. It’s very weird when someone comes around a group of women trying to build friendships but calls names instead. That never works!” In all honesty, both Candiace and Charrisse benefited from their tiff. Candiace is a new cast member with something to prove. Charrisse went from being a full-time Housewife to a “Friend of the Housewives.” Translation: they could both use the screen time.

Gizelle claimed, “I’ve never had issue with Candiace and again have told everyone that I like the girl. It’s interesting to now see why she was always on edge with me — she was and has been fed nonsense by the peanut gallery. Oh well…”

Then Gizelle addressed the Mr. Blue Eyes allegations. Gizelle wrote, “Ashley having firsthand knowledge about Mr. Blue Eyes had never been discussed. It was this huge elephant in the room, and I was tired of seeing its trunk swinging. Karen never passes up an opportunity to confront anything or anybody, so I knew it was coming. Now, I wasn’t expecting it to go soooooo left soooooo fast. But I mean, who are we kidding? We’re talking about Karen and Ashley. Their arguing NEVER gets old; those claws come out so fast and furious, power rangers activate!”

The other big scandal of the episode was Monique Samuels getting into a car accident after she grabbed some midday drinks. Gizelle explained, “Listen, it really doesn’t matter if Monique was sleepy, tipsy, or horny. It really doesn’t matter whether she drank one drop or two drinks either — that is all it takes to make you sleepy and drive off the road. The seriousness of that is overwhelming. She could have permanently injured herself or another person.”

Gizelle added, “Instead of arguing over the number of drinks consumed, there just should have been GRATITUDE about walking away scot-free. Tomorrow is not promised, and that’s why there’s something called Uber.” Couldn’t she expense a ride home on production? Why bother driving home if she even had one drink?

As expected the episode concluded with a Karen-centered conversation. Karen admitted that Ray asked her for a divorce and then we were stuck with a cliffhanger. Gizelle confessed, “I got very nervous for Karen because I don’t want to see her and Ray in divorce court. I mean, I believe no other man on earth could deal with Karen’s level of crazy. However, it would make sense financially so that Karen wouldn’t be implicated in any tax shenanigans.” A very valid point.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]