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Rob Valletta On The Vanderpump Rules Cast: “They’re Like The Quarterback In High School That Everyone Knows, But They Never Made It To The Pros”

Even when he wasn’t present, Rob Valletta was a main topic of conversation during the last season of Vanderpump Rules. This is because his now-ex-girlfriend Scheana Marie mentioned him (and his ability to hang a TV in under seven minutes) whenever she could.

Rob and Scheana claim that they broke up because of the drama from the show, but we all have to admit that a lot of people know Rob because of Vanderpump Rules. Some of the cast members even claimed that he used Scheana to get exposure from the show during the reunion shows. He did break up with her right when filming ended….

Rob shared his side of the story during an interview with the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast– an interview that Heather McDonald said went down because Rob reached out to her. Interesting. Rob seems to be so against the show, yet has no problem riding its coattails and promoting himself. Personally, I’m all for it and find it hilarious, but it’s probably not sitting too well with Scheana and the other cast members.

Rob said, “Outside of the show, yeah they’re great. When that show starts filming, it is a whole different world. It’s a whole different mentality.” He added, “That’s what they get paid for. That’s what makes that show so good. They’re willing to say whatever and do whatever because that’s their job.”

Rob clarified Scheana’s claim that Rob “doesn’t like to kiss.” He explained, “See, I do like to kiss. There’s TV stuff and then there’s life stuff.” He admitted, “I’m not a huge PDA person though. I won’t kiss in public. I’ll hold hands. I’ll be affectionate.”

Heather asked Rob about making the cast clean up his Big Bear house on the last morning of their trip. She wondered, “Wouldn’t you have a maid come in?: He kept it real and admitted, “No, I think that makes great TV.” It really did. He added, “You have a maid come in. Of course, but it’s way more entertaining to watch Jax [Taylor] and all those guys hungover.”

Rob admitted that he felt forced to do the show, while doing an interview that he initiated about this same show. He shared, “The thing I didn’t really like about the situation and why I was incredibly hesitant to do it is because it was worded to me a very certain way that if I didn’t do it this would make Scheana look really bad to the network. And it could jeopardize her job. It wasn’t said as clear as that, but it was definitely presented to me in that way. At the end of the day, you have to protect your girlfriend. If her whole life is being shown on camera, I’ll take the leap of faith.” He pointed out, “I ended up doing the show for free.” Does this mean that he initially asked for a paycheck? Shocked/not shocked.

Heather asked the big question: “Did you guys ever say ‘I love you’?” Rob confessed, “Yeah.” Then Heather asked, “Why did you say to Jax that you didn’t say ‘I love you’ on the boat?” He told Heather, “There were weeks and stuff of dealing with this. I was already pushing back.” He added, “I was kind of shutting down.”

Rob continued, “I look back at some of the things and I was like ‘Did I say that?’ I was being stubborn. I was being very stubborn because I didn’t want to give them anything.” Even if Rob didn’t want to provide content for the show, Scheana took care of that by mentioning him in every single one of her scenes. Rob insisted, “I said I don’t throw the ‘love’ word around- which is very true.”

Rob had no problem admitting that this season was not the most-flattering for Scheana. He said, “They make her look really…. I look at it and I feel bad for her.” He explained, “All she did was she went overboard on protecting me.” He continued, “I respect them for the way they edited it. At the end of the day, it was a woman protecting her boyfriend, who was pushing away because it was a scary world.” He added, “I respect her for that and I respect her for having my back.”

And just when this interview was a good look for Rob, defending his often-maligned ex and the production of the show, Rob declared, “These people are not famous. They’re popular. They’re like the quarterback in high school that everyone knows, but they never made it to the pros.” Really, Rob? That’s an absurd thing to say considering how many people know Rob thanks to this show.

Rob wasn’t on the reunion episodes this year, but it seems like he would have went if he was invited. Rob shared, “They didn’t ask me to go on the reunion. They know that I would go on and defend Scheana.” He said, “A lot of the cast is not going to attack me. In general the cast would not attack me because at the end of the day, I didn’t do anything wrong, but they know they can attack Scheana. If I’m not there, it’s a much more open space to attack someone and get what you want.”

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