Vanderpump Rules Cast Members Weigh In On Rob Valletta & Randall Emmett

Even though there are 984848438 stars of Vanderpump Rules, a lot of the chatter centers around two people that aren’t even cast members: Scheana Marie’s ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta and Lala Kent’s man Randall Emmett.

A lot of the conversation comes back to Rob since he was Scheana’s favorite thing to talk about all season long. Lala’s boyfriend has never even appeared on camera, yet he was a major part of Lala’s storylines for the past two seasons. Now the Vanderpump Rules cast members are sharing their opinions about their costars’ (current and former) significant others.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Scheana, Ariana Madix, and Brittany Cartwright shared their thoughts on Randall– while Lala was in the room listening.

Scheana declared, “I think he’s f***ing awesome.” Ariana chimed in with, “I think he’s really  fun.” Brittany added, “I think he’s really nice.” All very vivid and riveting descriptions.

Then Ariana shared a sweet anecdote: “I remember one time we were sitting at lunch and he was sitting across the table from Tom [Sandoval]. They were kind of like bonding over the fact that they both felt they were dating their best friend and how amazing and wonderful it is. I was kind of eavesdropping.”

Ariana continued, “I was just listening to what they were saying and it was so sweet.  I think you guys are just so cute together. I love the way that you guys baby each other.”

And Ariana really should have just stopped there because that was a nice story. Then she shared, “When we were in Vegas you got really drunk- as we all did- and he was like ‘I’m going to go put her to bed. Maybe I’ll meet up with you guys later.’ And were like ‘He’s not.’ He went and put you to bed and it was really cute.”

Lala added, “I was throwing up, he was holding my hair back, and I was like ‘Baby, you can go out if you want.’ He explained the next morning ‘All I was thinking was what if she vomits when she falls asleep and dies?’ That’s so cute that he would even go there.” It’s great that he took care of Lala, but I don’t know if I would say that it was “cute” to make sure she doesn’t vomit in her sleep and die.

Brittany shared, “I remember the first time you wanted me to meet him so you brought me downstairs. You guys had to really fast. All I could say was ‘I like your car.’ That was all I could think to say because his car was so cool. He was really nice.”

Scheana told Brittany, “You’re the only one that hasn’t private jetted with him.” That was a very odd thing to point out to a friend in front of a camera crew, but then again this is Scheana. Lala told Brittany, “I’ll pop your PJ cherry soon.”

And then the conversation moved to Rob– which it always seems to. Scheana admitted, “It’s hard watching it back now that we’re not together anymore because I see how obsessed I was and how deeply in love I was. It’s just like… I look like a f***ing idiot.”

James Kennedy said what most of the viewers have been thinking the whole season: “What made her feel like he was being a man? The boat? Like docking off the f***ing boat? God. I could dock off a f***ing boat. Give me a drill and I can put up a TV here, I swear. That doesn’t take a man. Oh my god. I can’t even. It’s like Handy Man Rob. Handy Man Rob.”

Kristen Doute– who is barely friends with Scheana at this point- admitted, “We liked Rob from the get-go because he was kind and fine.” She also shared another sentiment that we’ve all thought: “I thought Scheana jumped the gun a little too quickly after her divorce from [Mike] Shay.”

The on-point observations just kept on coming. Tom Sandoval said, “I don’t like the fact when she says things like ‘I’ve known Rob for like ten or eleven years.’ No, you haven’t because you were married and with Shay for like seven of those years.” Exactly!

Jax Taylor shared, “She was like ‘I can’t wait to marry Rob.’ I’m like ‘Are you kidding me?'” She definitely wasn’t kidding. Sandoval added, “She made jokes like ‘There’s only two more months until Rob and I can get married.’ I was like ‘Whoa.'”

Tom Schwartz said, “She put him on a pedestal, of course.” Jax agreed and said, “That’s a lot to live up to, especially in this group. You’re constantly putting him on a pedestal. I’d be scared.”

Then James stole the show with his observations- yet again. He shared, “The thing with Robert is he thinks he’s better than every single person. I’ve heard him in the background saying ‘I’ve got a real job. I’m not on Vanderpump Rules.’ Or something like that. Very Condescending. Very fake.”

James explained, “Fake, like the f***ing dinner ‘at Rob’s house,’ you know what I mean? Awkward, awkward dinner with Ariana and Tom. Rob’s sitting there walking around in his f***ing loafers or something. Ugh. I just want to puke. You know with the f***ing salmon, with the bloody chef in the kitchen. It’s just all fake. That ain’t your life, Scheana. So stop pretending it is. Scheana is a queen. Rob is just the peasant boy that visits the castle.”

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