Kyle Richards

If I lost over $1 million dollars in priceless purses and jewelry I’d be traumatized too, and after her home was burglarized last year Kyle Richards still suffers from PTSD: Purse Traumatic Stress Syndrome. (That is literally the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written, but lets go with it here people!).

For Kyle the most upsetting aspect is not  just feeling unsafe in her home, or losing her Birkins, but that family heirlooms went missing. “Everything is gone,” the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star shares, and she partially blames herself for the loss. 

“Everything I had was either gifts or sentimental or I worked my ass off for them,” Kyle explains. “The sentimental was the hardest because it was personal. I can’t replace those things.”

Of losing irreplaceable family heirlooms, Kyle admits, “There was guilt attached to it. They got taken from me, from my house, on my watch.” I’m sure that hasn’t improved strained relationship with sister Kathy Hilton!

“I’ve played it over and over again in my mind,” she tells People Magazine.

Kyle claims the violation changed her approach to sharing her whereabouts on social media. Kyle and Mauricio still consider selling the beloved Encino home they moved into less than two years ago. In the meantime, to appease her mind Kyle’s relied upon Teddy Mellencamp Arroyaves husband Edwin to beef up their home security. “I have the craziest alarm system, I have a virtual guard with cameras all over my property and I have a security guard. I have every protection imaginable. But nothing left to take!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]