Kyle Richards Vacations In Aspen; Home Is Robbed

Last week Kyle Richards‘ home was robbed while the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star was vacationing in Aspen. Shockingly the thieves simply broke a window and climbed into the mansion, then made off with over a million dollars worth of jewelry!

In reaction to the burglary Mauricio Umansky posted an emotional instagram message reminding everyone that family matters more than things. “2017 Memories #family Nothing replaces Family. They can steal your belongings but they can’t steal your memories or your love,” he shared along with photos from their year. 

According to sources priceless family heirlooms were nabbed – including Kyle’s original gold wedding ring which was inscribed with “Mauricio Forever” inside the band.  Other pieces were heirlooms from Kyle’s mother, which Kyle hoped to pass down to her daughters. Kyle also lost a pair of earrings worth $150,000 that were a 20th anniversary gift from Maurcio. In fact, Kyle lost every piece of jewelry she didn’t bring with her to Aspen!

ALL of Kyle’s super pricey designer purses – including her Birkin! – were also taken. I guess, the good thing is she gets to do a lot of shopping to make up for it! Kyle wasn’t the only one affected – Mauricio lost over $150,000 worth of watches, including one that was a gift from his late grandfather.

Police say this was a professional job – the thieves knew the family would be out of town and plotted in advance what to steal. For instance, the thieves knew their dogs – including a 100lb German Shepard – were also off the premises at an obedience course, and that the security system was deactivated because the Encino mansion was also undergoing renovations. The thieves broke a second story window and used a ladder to climb in, and restricted their activity to the two master bedroom closets, but didn’t venture into the remainder of the house.  TMZ reports there are currently no suspects.

Despite all of this information the family doesn’t believe it was an inside job or aided by someone working for them. In fact law enforcement found similarities to the robbery that affected Mariah Carey a few months back.

Well, at least the thieves didn’t steal Kyle’s god-damn house!

In other news, tonight RHOBH returns.  Dorit Kemsley celebrates her birthday and invites her new friend (former enemy) Erika Girardi. Unfortunately Dorit’s son Jagger didn’t get the memo that Erika is now a “good guy.” Erika begins work on her memoir “Pretty Mess” and becomes emotional about her father.

Dorit’s makes some negative comments about Lisa Rinna despite their peace talk, has Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave questioning Dorit’s character. Lastly Kyle vacations in Croatia with her family. Join us in the comments below to discuss the episode, and catch our recap tomorrow morning.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]