90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Preview: Nicole Lands In Morocco, Pedro’s Sister Arrives, Anfisa Delivers An Ultimatum

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After is back tonight with more lies, more betrayals, and “love story” that’s transported itself from a motel in Florida all the way over to Morocco. Yup, Nicole has landed. Azan’s family: Please prepare the boiled sheep head.

Previews reveal Anfisa grilling Jorge some more about his trip to the divorce lawyers, which he vehemently denied last week. Even though cameras filmed him there, his sister Lourdes was present, and producers straight up CALLED HIM OUT on the facts. When confronted with the truth, Jorge’s only defense is deny, deny, deny. Thus, the fact that he’s filming his every move on a reality show is not working out for him.

Pedro’s sister wife arrives in GA to stay with Chantel and him for a spell. And by spell, I mean an actual hex will likely be cast upon this household. Let’s prepare for the entrance of The Family Chantel at any moment with their white vans and tiny cowboy hats at the ready. Not today, Satan!

Molly hits her breaking point with Luis, which has been teased for what seems like MONTHS now. Tonight, we get to see her bust into the bedroom he’s locked himself in and confront his trifling behind once and for all.

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Paola and Russ continue their badly-acted telenovela in Colombia, which has really run its course at this point. But hey – we’ll play along with the “Juan versus Russ” pettiness for lack of a better storyline…I guess?

And finally, David and Annie sink into further depression and sedentary lifestyles of firehouses, chips and guacamole in Kentucky. Oh lord, the hopelessness is bleak with these two. But can Annie get out? Will she? Sadly, probably not – but I’m lighting a candle for her anyway.

Tune in tonight at 8pm EST on TLC and join us in the comments sections for a live viewing party!

Photo Credit: TLC