Scheana Marie Gushes Over Brittany Cartwright’s Engagement Ring

Last week Scheana Marie had Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley on her Scheananigans podcast and while they covered all things Real Housewives of Orange County in that interview (you can read that transcript here), they also talked a little about Vanderpump Rules. Scheana dished a bit about filming the new season and gushed over Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s engagement. And more importantly, the rock that Jax bought – aka Brittany Cartwright’s engagement ring!

Scheana shared “Her ring is almost 3.5 carats. It is like a very nice brand new car. It’s ridiculous. She couldn’t even wear it to work yesterday. I was like ‘let me see the ring’ and she was like ‘I’m not wearing that, like are you kidding?’. It’s a little big on her, so someone could come up and literally just snatch that off. I’m like ‘until you get that shit insured, you do not wear that out in public!’.”

Gretchen asked Scheana how Jax and Brittany wound up back together and engaged after the cheating scandal from last season. Scheana says, “So, he’s been in a much better…I don’t want to say ‘place’ because his dad passed away at the end of last year and I really think that was a wake up call for him and he just is standing so strong and making his dad proud. He’s literally being the best version of himself that he’s ever been. I’ve never seen him happier. They were GLOWING the other night. You guys have to watch next season. I can’t give it away.”

Scheana said she’s seen this side of Jax before but it usually only lasted a few days, so she’s very hopeful that this time it is the real deal and it will last. She added that “engaged is a good look” for Brittany. “She’s been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She already knows the castle she wants to get married at in Kentucky. It’s exciting.”



Main Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCuni