Ashley Darby Discusses The Rumors About Karen Huger’s Living Situation

It is so difficult to figure out what is truthful when Karen Huger is involved. Nevertheless, her confusing antics make Real Housewives of Potomac worth watching- even if it can be frustrating at times.

I’m not even a part of this friend group, but I can understand why Ashley Darby would be frustrated by Karen. Ashley is really letting it all hang out there with her marriage issues and everything else she’s going through with her husband Michael Darby. And then there’s Karen who seems less than truthful most of the time.

Ashley discussed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. After writing and performing that original song in Michael’s honor she expected a sweet reaction. Instead she basically got no reaction from her own husband and it was both embarrassing and hurtful.

Ashley admitted, “Things between Michael and I had been incredibly stiff. We were walking on eggshells with each other because we were making progress steadily toward getting to a good place – the last thing either of us wanted to do was rock the boat.”

She explained, “When I decided to write a song for Michael it was in an effort to reiterate the commitment I’ve made to our marriage. It was an out of the box idea to make him feel like the special human being he is. When I didn’t get the reaction I expected it was hurtful – mainly because my ego was bruised. A song is certainly not the defining pendant of our relationship, but the representation of our love in a creative expression was important to me. I felt like if that wouldn’t bring Mickey back into my arms I don’t know what will – how much is too much to keep trying?” That’s a great question, girl.

Ashley is being so open about her life and there’s Karen– who may or may not be living in a townhouse. Ashley revealed that Karen’s right hand Matt was spilling some tea in the club during the last episode. Ashley wrote, “I had my suspicions about Matt and his Houdini appearing act from the very beginning. So when this news came to me, there were two thoughts. First, it’s not cool for someone to take advantage of Karen during this time in her life. Secondly, there were already rumors whirling around the DMV, and hearing this from someone close to the source herself was confirming.”

She continued, “It was only right to ask Karen what’s reallllllly going on, and give her a chance to set the record straight.” Right- like Karen is ever going to do that. That will be the day. Personally, I think it’s reality TV gold to watch Karen navigate from own lie to another, but I can see why it would be tough to be her friend- let alone a costar who is actually sharing real problems in her life.

Ashley wasn’t the only one who upset Karen during the last episode. Gizelle Bryant claimed that Karen’s husband Ray Huger was crushing on Gizelle’s business partner Erika. Ashley wrote, “As for what transpired between Gizelle and Karen, I was very intrigued! I also attended said Christmas party and distinctly remember seeing Ray and Karen, as well as Gizelle and Erika. While I didn’t witness the interaction between Ray and Erika, Karen’s previous comments about her husband deem it’s not implausible.”

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