Ashley Darby Says Karen Huger “Needs To Learn How To Crawl Toward Authenticity”

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast members are not going to get away with lying if Ashley Darby is around. She is all about calling people out when they aren’t truthful. She’s not buying into Karen Huger’s vague descriptions of her financial status and living situation.

Ashley also let Monique Samuels and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan know that their names have been in each other’s mouths- very often. Ashley is messy and proud of it.

Ashley discussed the last episode in a Bravo blog post and of course she took the first opportunity possible to shade Karen. She wrote, “At the point in time that we were sitting at that restaurant in Cannes, I had about all I could take of Karen’s fables. It’s very hard for me to sit next to someone who doesn’t value truth yet claims that she ‘walks’ in it – she first needs to learn how to crawl toward authenticity.” That is easier said than done. Karen has been lying exaggerating all season long.

Ashley maintains, “By no means do I aim to contribute to Karen and Ray’s [Huger] issues; however, I firmly believe that Karen could be capable of actually understanding how fed up people are with being lied to. Because I think we can be genuine friends, it is worth confronting her for truthfulness. I gave her the option to step out of her comfort zone and build genuine relationships, yet access was again denied.” Karen loves keeping her life a mystery and Ashley lives to expose her. As long as those two scenarios remain true, these two will never be close friends.

Aside from calling out Karen on her now-customary untruths, Ashley told Monique that Charrisse felt like Monique was using her for her social contacts. In her blog post Ashley explained, “Monique and Charrisse had voiced such strong opinions about each other to everyone, but never discussed it amongst themselves. It became a huge elephant in the room that had to be addressed.” Thank you to Ashley for stirring that pot.

Ashley wrote, “I know Charrisse is a very genuine person, but I could sense she was not being true to what she actually felt. I’ve witnessed her take bullsh– for the sake of protecting other people and at this point in her life that isn’t necessary. If the friendship between Monique and Charrisse was real, then they should be able to take this blow and have their friendship be stronger than ever. The conversation that ensued demonstrated otherwise.” And it made for great television. Well done, Ashley.

She admitted, “I think Monique was truly surprised because up until this point Charrisse had been tiptoeing around the Kyndall [Douglas] issue. The ingredients were there, I just had to stir the pot to get things cooking.”

Speaking of Kyndall– the woman who was married to Gizelle Bryant’s recent boyfriend Sherman DouglasAshley admitted, “When Charrisse admitted that she masterminded the Kyndall Konspiracy, I was momentarily surprised. In the few years I’ve known Charrisse I haven’t witnessed any shady dealings, but we all have mischievousness deep inside and eventually, it surfaces. It made sense that she wanted to lightheartedly retaliate against Gizelle Bryant for the fireman comment, but it’s not in Charrisse’s nature to intentionally draw bad blood. The way the situation escalated told me that there was another influence involved.” By “another influence,” it is safe to assume she means Monique.

Monique decided to have a one-on-one conversation with Gizelle over the Kyndall situation during the last episode and it did not really go in her favor. Ashley remarked, “Gizelle’s ninja comment was interesting because it was evident she fully understood Monique’s intentions with bringing Kyndall around. Even though blame was being thrown back onto Charrisse, Gizelle was able to see through the lies.”

And then immediately after calling out Monique for lies, Ashley wrote, “I commend Monique on initiating the breakfast in the first place, and even enjoyed seeing her and Gizelle share a laugh. It gives hope to the two of them foraging a real friendship. I’m not holding my breath though!” That is quite the turnaround there.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]