Gizelle Bryant Thinks Karen Huger Has A Lot To Hide & Monique Samuels Can’t Take Accountability For Her Actions

Just like another cast trip in the Real Housewives franchise, the Real Housewives of Potomac ladies’ vacation in France is just chock full of dramatics. It almost makes the (likely) Bravo-funded trip not worth it- but then again they are getting paid to be there and feuding is a part of their jobs as reality TV stars.

Plus it seems like most of them actually thrive when they get to argue and throw shade at each other. Gizelle Bryant had no problem checking Karen Huger and Monique Samuels during that last episode and she still has more shade to throw.

Gizelle discussed the latest drama in a Bravo blog post. It’s not very often that Gizelle apologizes or regrets her actions, but she actually does have some remorse for unleashing about Karen’s husband Ray Huger during their spat in the hotel lobby. She admitted, “Don’t want to have a showdown in the lobby of any hotel let alone a beautiful hotel in France, but Karen pushed and plucked ALL my nerves. Did the incident with Ray happen? YES. Did I need to share it with the world? NO. So for that I feel bad about the explosion.” That’s the closest to an apology that Karen will ever get.

After that lobby fight, Gizelle called out Karen for not rocking her wedding ring and as per usual, Karen got very defensive with her reaction. Gizelle explained, “I was taught people that get defensive and start screaming when you ask them a question have a whole lot to HIDE.  So since that is all that Karen does I have decided to ask her NOTHING. It’s not worth it, the truth doesn’t know her or like her. The truth and Karen are complete strangers with no chance of EVER meeting.” Most viewers can’t argue with that last sentiment.

Gizelle came for Karen twice during that last episode, but she really needed to confront Monique and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s tendency to invite Kyndall Douglas to events. Kyndall used to be married to Sherman Douglas– the guy that Gizelle dated at the beginning of this season. Clearly, they invited Kyndall just to get a rise out of Gizelle and stir shit up.

Even so, Gizelle can’t help putting more blame on Monique than Charrisse. Gizelle explained, “Charrisse wanted to bring Kyndall to one charity event. Monique wanted to bring her to EVERY event. Monique wanted to do whatever she could to try to hurt me. It didn’t work, but she tried it, and if she had to do it over again she would.”

Gizelle maintained, “I get it, if I’ve said it once, I will say it 1,000 times, all Monique does it talk about ME. I guess obsession is a form of flattery.” And obviously, that pancake sit down did not go very well. Gizelle joked, “I’m glad the pancakes were good at this breakfast because nothing else was.”

She continued, “Sitting talking to someone that can’t take accountability for their actions is something I haven’t done since my kids were toddlers and they didn’t understand the consequences. Now that I know that Monique is only capable of being a toddler and the next time we eat I will bring her a rubber spoon and a sippy cup.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]