Karen Huger Thinks Gizelle Bryant & Ashley Darby Are “Failed, Comical Liars”

During the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, both Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby came for Karen Huger and her marriage- multiple times.

Gizelle accused Karen’s husband Ray Huger of crushing on Gizelle’s business partner Erika. Gizelle and Ashley questioned Karen for not wearing her wedding ring. Needless to say, Karen will not be sitting on the same couch as Gizelle and Ashley during the Season 3 reunion taping.

Karen unleashed some rage on Ashley and Gizelle in a Bravo blog post. Karen reflected on Gizelle’s accusations about Ray crushing on Erika: “I’ve witnessed Gizelle repeatedly lower her self-respect in her failed attempts to be funny. Her comment in the hotel lobby is an all-time low even for Gizelle.  Everyone knows that what she said about Erika and my husband is a LIE! Join the club Erika,  now she’s lying on you as well.  Why in all that is sane, would Gizelle make such a comment? My hope is that Erika kicks her butt!”

She never actually addressed why she wasn’t rocking her wedding ring, but she did come at Gizelle and Ashley for pointing it out: “Ashley is so desperate to have a conversation with me she tries to get under my skin by blatantly lying at dinner. At this moment, I find both Gizelle and Ashley to be failed, comical liars.”

Karen wasn’t the only one who came under fire during that last episode though. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan copped to purposely bringing Kyndall Douglas around the group to provoke Gizelle. Karen shared, “Potomac is very small. To be honest I’d heard months ago that Charrisse was planning to bring Kendall around the girls to pay Gizelle back for stabbing her in the back last year.  I don’t believe in digging graves for others because nine times out of ten you (the gravedigger) is the one who falls into said grave.” And Gizelle isn’t even a full-time cast member this season- so this is really doing the most.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]