Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Get (Con)Over It, Craig!

To say I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Southern Charm reunion would be a gigantic understatement. I’m even more excited to be watching it in Charleston with my trusty college roommates, Kristen and Haze. They are just as die-hard fans as I am!

The Charmers are getting ready for what is sure to be a draining day. Austen Kroll and Shep Rose are having a sausage fest as Cameran Eubanks preps to watch the smackdown between Kathryn Dennis and the absent Thomas Ravenel’s money spender. As usual, the cast is more casual than other reunions, with the exception of Kathryn who is highlighting her new boobs in a bedazzled gown. Chelsea Meissner looks stunning. Andy Cohen welcomes the crew, hitting on Craig Conover and Shep while highlighting Naomie Olindo sitting on an opposite couch from her ex. He is excited that Austen has brought him beer and Craig may have a few pillows for the clubhouse. Andy reads a statement from T-Rav’s attorneys which asserts he is cooperating with authorities during his ongoing investigation.  Thomas believes he will be vindicated, although I’m not sure he knows the meaning of the word.

Cameran believes Thomas made the right decision by skipping the reunion, and Shep states that T-Rav is jovial and eccentric about ninety percent of the time, but that remaining ten percent is what is dangerous. Andy brings up the allegation of Thomas raping the nanny, and Kathryn refuses to comment until the investigation is resolved. For some reason, Naomie feels the need to interject that Thomas has never been anything but lovely to her, so she’d like to refrain from commenting as well. Who asked you? Kathryn rolls her eyes. She admits she and Thomas have been trying to do things with the children so Kensie and Saint can see them getting along.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Get (Con)Over It, Craig!

Andy brings up the girl power theme, and Craig gets defensive. The girls don’t need power–they had wonderful boyfriends! Kathryn clarifies that the women having their voices heard is a good thing that has absolutely nothing to do with who is dating whom. Andy turns to Naomie to ask about her attack on J.D. Madison. Chelsea and Cameran agree that they all have known his reputation around town for being a cheater. Naomie admits that Liz doesn’t speak to her anymore, which is unfortunate because she was just trying to be a good friend. Craig interrupts to make it about himself after Naomie makes the blanket comment he used to lie to her, and he yells that she can’t come up with a single lie. As she lists minor indiscretions, he keeps reiterating that he never lied and was never condescending to her. Shep reminds Craig of the time he called Naomie a child, but Craig has no recollection of it, so clearly it didn’t happen. Lucky for the rest of us, Andy rolls the clip. Craig needs to take it down a few notches.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Get (Con)Over It, Craig!

The topic switches to the Me Too movement. Shep admits the shift made him take inventory of how he treats women, and Cameran cites the movement as the reason women are coming forward with accusations against Thomas. Andy refreshes Shep’s memory about the time he tried to forcefully kiss Chelsea, and Shep shares he still feels terrible about his actions. He and Chelsea are in a wonderful place now. Now that Cameran has a daughter, she thinks differently about her male friends’ Peter Pan syndrome. When Andy inquires who on the couch she’d pick for him to date, she answers Austen, and Naomie agrees. Again, why is she putting in her two cents? A sullen Craig spits that it’s because Austen is the only one who would date a two-year-old.

Ashley Jacobs is getting ready backstage, and she’s hoping to have her hair styled in such a way she can’t do her signature nervous flip. Craig wants to know if Ashley is listening, but Andy assures him she is not. Andy chats with Cameran about motherhood, and she is quick to correct him when he labels her perfect pregnancy. I think she received backlash for how easy she made everything seem. Cameran says that she was a little disappointed with Jason’s support during her pregnancy. He’s been desensitized since he works with pregnant ladies all the time. The topic transitions Cameran’s baby shower hosted by Patricia Altschul. Cameran expressed that she wanted Kathryn included on the guest list, but she conceded to Patricia’s wishes. Kathryn was fine not being invited because it was Cameran’s day, not hers. The group laughs over Craig’s shredded teddy bear, but Cameran found the gift an endearing gesture that speaks to Craig’s inability to finish anything he starts. Cameran reveals she didn’t have an instant connection with Palmer, but she was never diagnosed with postpartum depression because she didn’t seek help. However, she had a harder time than she expected.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Get (Con)Over It, Craig!

Eat, Drink, Sew is the name of Craig’s future memoir. His life plans are dissected as well as his club finger from that butter knife incident. Angry Craig is the Craig of 2018. Craig wishes he was gay because his life would be a lot easier. He’s working at the pro bono legal clinic, and pillows were a good outlet for getting his mind off of Naomie. Craig learned a lesson when Patricia pulled his pillow project, and he goes off on a diatribe about how deadlines are arbitrary. Andy lectures him about the importance of following through as Naomie shades him about not paying his taxes. The IRS has deadlines. Craig’s madness is maddening. He won’t take any responsibility for his break-up, and he talks over everyone claiming there was no reason for the demise of their relationship. Even Andy tries to talk sense into Craig, but he refuses to listen. Craig believes Naomie is unhappy, although she’s trying to prove otherwise with her Instagram account. She accuses him of sending her nasty messages on social media. Sure he did! Naomie posted a picture of Gizmo with her new beau, and that warrants some snark.

Craig maintains his position that Naomie is miserable and says he heard a rumor that she said her new boyfriend no longer gives her the feels. Naomie looks at him like he’s crazy. She never said that! Trusty Kathryn mutters under her breath that she told Craig of Naomie’s confession. Kathryn explains her interpretation of their conversation, but Naomie seems shocked. Kathryn admits that perhaps she misunderstood, but her face says otherwise. Craig calls Naomie a liar, but his friends remind him he’s the king of little white lies. He admitted to the life coach he was a master manipulator, but he tries to convince the couches that he meant he only lies to himself. Sure, Craig. Nose jobs and location sharing are rehashed, and Craig’s anger is boiling. He takes zero accountability. The women all think that Craig is still in love with Naomie, but he vehemently denies this assertion. He hates Naomie. Craig sounds like an entitled second grader.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Get (Con)Over It, Craig!

Kathryn’s recovery is discussed, but the biggest deal with Kathryn’s sobriety is her new iPhone. We’re terrorized by her awkward Gwynn’s interview, and she shares that she is now the brand’s ambassador. Kathryn and Thomas now have joint custody, but she is still subjected to random drug tests at T-Rav’s whim. Andy asks if the tests assist in her sobriety, but she insists that it is her kids who keep her healthy. When Andy inquires about her positive relationship with Thomas, but she explains it is because she is numb to his crap. Kathryn thanks her cast mates for being such a positive support system. It’s a complete change from years past. Cameran tears up telling Kathryn that she feels terrible for not being there for her sooner. She now feels that Kathryn was a victim of Thomas’ mind games, and his friends were manipulated into being against her. All of the girls start crying at Cameran’s emotional apology. Kathryn is grateful for being in a place where people understand her. She feels like a totally different person. Cameran sobs that people probably don’t know half of what Kathryn had to go through. It makes her sick to her stomach. Cameran thinks Ashley is a horrible, horrible person.


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