Tamra Judge Thinks Vicki Gunvalson’s Apology To Eddie Judge Was Sincere

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Orange County was the worst in the history of the show. Pretty much no one wanted to film with Vicki Gunvalson and essentially nothing happened the entire time. During the reunion, Tamra Judge and Vicki formed a truce with a heartfelt hug, but even so they still had a long way to go in their relationship.

During the second episode of Season 13, Vicki finally apologized for spreading rumors that Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge is “secretly gay.” The meetup seemed to end well, but what does Tamra truly think about Vicki’s apology?

In a Bravo blog post about the episode, Tamra confessed, “I was worried that Eddie would not accept Vicki’s apology. I knew my husband would listen to what she had to say but wasn’t sure that he would believe her.” Fair enough. Vicki is not the most reliable character in reality TV history.

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Tamra also pointed out a notorious flaw of Vicki’s: “However, I was more concerned with Vicki’s delivery of her apology. She tends to have an “untraditional” way of apologizing (apologizes then says YOU did something wrong to her).” That’s just a #TotalVickiMove

Tamra recapped, “Vicki keeps saying that she just ‘repeated a rumor.’ We know that she did SO much more than that, but we need to leave it in the past in order to move forward.” It’s also necessary in order to save this show. We cannot have a repeat of Season 12 with the cast members refusing to interact with each other.

Even with Vicki’s track record and reluctance to take responsibility, Tamra said, “I do believe that Vicki’s apology was sincere.” Apparently quoting those Bible verses was a good move.

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Nevertheless, Tamra wrote, “The only thing that we don’t understand is she said over and over again that Eddie was ‘not kind and turned on her.’ THAT IS NOT TRUE! For two years Eddie took the abuse. The multiple stories that were written, the TV interviews she did, the recruiting of other people to talk lies about him…all the while Eddie kept silent.” Eddie is one of the nicest, classiest husbands in the Real Housewives franchise. Does Vicki not watch this show? Eddie did not turn on her- not by any stretch of the imagination.

Then Tamra stated the obvious source of Vicki’s need to seek vengeance: “I was the one getting upset. I felt like I had to defend my husband because he was the one getting attacked in retaliation of ME not liking Brooks [Ayers]. It just wasn’t fair!” It really wasn’t. Eddie has never done anything remotely harmful to anyone on this show.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]