Gina Kirschenheiter Thinks Vicki Gunvalson Was In The Wrong For Keeping Secrets From Kelly Dodd

With two episodes under her belt, the viewers don’t know too much about the latest Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Gina Kirschenheiter. At this point the focus is on what we don’t see- Gina’s husband. He lives and works in another part of California while she’s at home with their kids.

In the preview for next week’s episode, we get to see some more interaction with Gina and the rest of the Housewives. She even shares her two cents on the Kelly Dodd vs. Vicki Gunvalson drama. Just like anyone watching this show, Gina believes that Vicki was in the wrong. Vicki introduced Kelly’s ex Michael Dodd to one of her friends, went on double dates with them, and purposely hid this all from Kelly.

Gina shared her thoughts on the drama in a Bravo blog post. She declared, “I think it’s pretty clear that Vicki is in the wrong. Kelly doesn’t expect Michael not to date. Kelly expects her friends to not keep secrets from her.” Exactly. It has nothing to do with Michael dating. The problem is that Vicki intentionally hid these double dates from her close friend. Kelly was blindsided when she found out about this from another friend. If Vicki just told her, she could have avoided Kelly’s wrath. Then again, this is a way better story line than anything that happened last season, so carry on.

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Gina continued, “Vicki says she doesn’t want to get involved but by agreeing to keep her other friend’s secret, she is directly involving herself.” Thank you, Gina. Gina just gets it. Well, pretty much everyone except for Vicki seems to grasp the issue.

The newest Housewife wrote, “She claims she doesn’t want to pick sides, and she’s right she shouldn’t have to, but she obviously chose Michael’s side by agreeing to keep this secret for them and then calling him the second she left Kelly’s house. If she wants to stay out of it, she should stay out of it.” Vicki couldn’t stay out of it even if she tried. Clearly.

Even if Vicki still thinks she’s right to keep that secret, why doesn’t she seem to care that Kelly is very upset? Gina shared, “All that aside, I would personally just have a hard time seeing my friend so upset and in pain and not just sucking it up and saying whatever I had to at that point just to make my friend feel better. At that point it should be less about saving face and proving you are right and more about making your friend who is in obvious pain feel better.” Gina is so right when it comes to this situation.

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Tonight is a new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. “While Shannon gets her daughter’s opinion on her new business venture, Tamra visits the doctor and finds out her broken foot may require surgery. Gina’s mom visits from Long Island, while Emily’s mother-in-law Pary gives advice on how to motivate Shane. Vicki and Kelly have a tense meeting over coffee, where only one housewife walks away satisfied. At a group dinner, Shannon and Vicki meet Emily and Gina for the first time. Vicki gets raked over the coals by the ladies for secretly going on double-dates with Kelly’s ex-husband.”

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