Ashley Darby Doesn’t Think It’s Fair For Monique Samuels To Say She “Solely Damaged Her Reputation”; Last Reunion Episode Tonight

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Boalch Darby, Robyn Dixon -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast came together to discuss the drama from Season 3. Inevitably, this caused even more drama and pretty much nothing was resolved.

Ashley Darby refuses to let Monique Samuels blame her for damaging her reputation in regard to her drinking before her car accident in a Bravo blog post. She also calls out the new girl Candiace Dillard and shares her thoughts on Karen Huger’s reunion walk out.

Ashley had a lot to address in her Bravo blog about the first reunion episode. She began, “I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to say that I solely damaged her reputation. In looking at how I addressed the situation in interviews and on social media, I acknowledge I took it too far. For that, I am very apologetic to Monique.” Not only that, but Monique was the one who mentioned the post-drinks accident on the show. If she didn’t bring it up herself in conjunction with how tired she is from being “so busy” then it probably wouldn’t have been a story line.

Ashley added, “By the same token, there were actions on Monique’s part that made it plausible to think that she was drinking more than usual and thus contributed to her accident.”

Monique Samuels Insists She Doesn’t Have A Drinking Problem; Says KarenHuger & “Blue Eyes” Are Not Having An Affair

Then Ashley addressed her reunion spat with Candiace. She wrote, “Candiace prides herself on being able to say the crassest thought that comes to her mind. It’s rather off-putting that she feels the need to retort with name calling in order to have a discussion.”

She continued, “That defense mechanism has no place with me, as it’s not a way I have or will ever operate. If we can’t talk with facts and figures, why even speak at all? Miss me with that foolishness.”

Even after saying all that, Ashley said, “Ultimately, I still have a fondness for Candiace and the good times we have, which is what we usually focus on – I just have to wait for her temper tantrums to pass.”

Then she got to Karen walking off the stage. Ashley wrote, “It was heartbreaking to see Karen break down when talking about the passing of her parents. When Karen and I are in the throes of yelling and screaming, I tend to lose sight of the fact that she is a woman just like me. Karen cares about her family and is emotionally vulnerable to heartache, even though she doesn’t show it.”

Ashley even admitted, “It makes me wish I’d been more tender to Karen when she was going through the hard times with her family.” Maybe she was with her sick parents when Ashley and crew ambushed her Great Falls mansion dressed in disguise and looking for answers.

What can we expect on the final part of the reunion tonight? According to an episode description on the Bravo website, this is what we have in store: “The two-part reunion concludes and more shocking secrets are revealed when the husbands join the ladies onstage. Karen goes after Michael [Darby] for his business and personal struggles, while Ray [Huger] explains the rumors about his wife’s infidelity. Gizelle [Bryant] opens up about the ‘new’ man in her life, while Ashley reveals big news about her relationship with Michael, leaving all of the women in tears.”

Wow, it sounds like we are in for quite a night. The husbands are getting messy and the women all end up crying. Is it 10PM yet?


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]