New Episode Of Below Deck Mediterranean Tonight: More Relationship Drama For Hannah & Conrad

Are all yacht crews dramatic or do the reality TV cameras just elevate the situation? It just seems like there is always something brewing between the Below Deck Mediterranean cast members and it’s not just dealing with demanding charter guests.

Everyone thinks they are the HBIC on this boat and has no qualms exerting their (perceived) authority over others. And then there’s the romances. The sea isn’t the only thing that’s rocky. The relationships on this show are so up and down.

There’s a new episode of Below Deck Mediterranean tonight at 9PM on Bravo. According to the episode description, there is even more relationship drama in store.

In the least surprising news ever, “Hannah [Ferrier] and Conrad’s [Empson]  relationship hits a tipping point.” Hasn’t that already happened this season? 954948487 times over. And then there’s the Joao Franco, Brooke Laughton, and Kasey Cohen love triangle which has been brewing all season. Joao finally “chose” to be with Brooke, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the two of them. Yes, I can’t resist a boat-related play on words.

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According to the episode description, “Joao finds himself in hot water with Brooke when he gets called out for flirting.” Is he flirting with Kasey? Or mixing it up and turning this love triangle into a love square?

And of course, the crew members still bicker with each other over their job-related tasks: “Hannah confronts Kasey and Brooke about the hierarchy of the interior. The primary charter guest asks the crew to participate in a trust exercise involving arrows that leaves everyone concerned for their safety. Adam [Glick] not cooking for the crew finally comes to a head.” There is always so much happening on this show.

And then there’s this vague tease: “Colin [Macy-O’Toole] gets a surprise visit that leaves him in tears.” Are these happy tears or sad tears?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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