Stephanie does not back down

Before we head into the new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas tonight, Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman are each pleading their case on the drama surrounding Brandi Redmond‘s adoption secret. They took to their blogs to explain their side of things. It basically boils down to: Kameron is hurt and Stephanie thinks she’s acting ridiculous.

Kameron shared why she was so upset over not being let in on the big adoption secret. “I hung out with Brandi multiple times before the party and she never mentioned to me once that she had a new baby at home. This is a HUGE DEAL! How could she go to lunch with me and not say a new baby is at home?”

She continued, “She also already had him for 3 months when we met him. It’s not like he was an infant right out of the hospital. Why couldn’t she just tell me that she adopted a child but to keep it under cover until the adoption is finalized? No one likes to be left in the cold and it definitely shows me I am not her close friend which hurt my feelings.”

Kameron admits she brought it up again because she was still reeling from the whole thing. “I brought the party up again because I was still processing it because I was still hurt. I thought I was close with someone but I guess I am not.” She added, “Maybe I should have just let it go and moved on, but I was hurt.”

Cary says Kameron Westcott is hell to fight with

Kameron is irked that Stephanie was trying to twist things, “Stephanie said, ‘We are not going to bash her for adopting a baby.’ This is a classic Stephanie move, twist the story to make someone else look like the bad guy. I would never bash someone about adopting a baby, (I mean what on earth?? Stephanie are we even having the same conversation?) I was just stating that my feelings were hurt by the way she delivered the news. Look I say enough ridiculous stuff on my own doing, I don’t need someone to add gas to my fire. Stephanie knew I was not bashing Brandi about the actual adoption, (please, I am a mother of two and children are the most precious things in life) Stephanie just wanted to make me look bad and hope she could get to use her favorite credit card, the Innocent Victim Express.”

In Stephanie Hollman‘s defense, she blogs that Kameron is being silly over the whole thing and didn’t even mean it when she apologized to her about it. She wrote, “At the dinner table, Kameron told me that she was upset regarding my little lie about having a surrogate and I apologized. Did I mean it? No, I think her being upset was silly. This was a baby REVEAL party with over 100 of Brandi and Bryan’s closest friends and family members. That was how Brandi wanted to share the news of precious baby Bruin, so I wasn’t going to ruin her surprise.”

She continued, “Plus she was going to find out in 20-30 minutes anyway- I don’t know why I am being badgered over this, even after I apologized to her. Not even two hours later, she brings the conversation BACK up. Seriously? Why is Kameron taking something that was supposed to be such a special moment and making it about herself? Now I am annoyed! Brandi walked off crying because she was tired of feeling like she is being beat down for how her family chose to share the news of their new addition. That is no one’s business but her own. Shouldn’t she just be thankful that she was invited?”

Stephanie does think she could’ve worded things a little differently. “I told Kameron that we are not going to ‘bash her for adopting a baby’ and maybe bash was the wrong word and I should have said badgered instead, but regardless we are ALL over this narrative that Kameron has chosen to zero in on.”

She ended with, “For Kameron to come at me the way she did really surprised me and was honestly quite rude. I am missing time with my family in Italy to be on this trip- I don’t need this! If you don’t want me in your home over a discussion that YOU chose to keep bringing up then I can gladly catch an early flight far far away from this mess and go where I know I am wanted. Ciao!”

Tonight is an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Join us in the comments at 9 pm EST! And come back tomorrow morning for the recap!

Here’s what we can look forward to tonight: “The Beaver Creek trip continues, as Kameron and Stephanie feud over a miscommunication regarding Brandi’s adopted baby. Cary tries to calm Kameron down but it’s no use. During a tense van ride to the snowmobiles, LeeAnne advises Kameron to listen to Stephanie’s intentions and not her words, which clears the air. At the top of the mountain, D’Andra ends her longstanding feud with Brandi by apologizing for her offensive comments. Brandi and D’Andra become fast friends, inventing their own specialty shot: “The Spitfire”. At the final dinner, Brandi pits D’Andra against LeeAnne in a pageant for the title of “Queen”. But the pageant gets derailed when D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she hasn’t set a wedding date. After a questionable talent contest, D’Andra walks off with the crown, and leaves Kameron wondering who this new D’Andra really is.”


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